Have you ever been 'dug in' like an Alabama tick?

I know..I don't know what I mean either..I think it's this office tea.

Still..feel free to enlighten me :)
Update: Gardening and landscape it suggested..fair enough!
Update 2: Yes..like a gnat i guess..I'm ok, well actually i'm not! Work is hell on earth..I need yahoo answers..nooooow *cough*
Update 3: Glasgowgirl :-O <----shocked
Update 4: Would anyone like any work? It's going cheap...x
Update 5: Steve - lol! It's like a gnat..it's an expression from a film..no-one has picked it up yet..lol
Update 6: GG - go on then..i'll let you have that one :)
Update 7: Mizza - You must not be doing much..i'll mail you some work
Update 8: Gem - I need a drink..is it wrong to drink at work? lol
Update 9: Leena - I have Kid Rock in my head now...nooooooooo!
Update 10: Leena - LOL i laughed out so loud at that..a gnat with a hat..pure gold :)
Update 11: Hypocrite - *whistle* I don't know what your talking about mate...;)
Update 12: Charlie - ah good one..did you sing songs to keep your warm? :)
Update 13: Phil - he was hungry eh?! nasty...
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