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2 minute talk on animal right

can you help me to write 2 minute talk on animal right in F.2 english,plz?

you must make at least four to five good ideas with discussion,explnation and examples from real life.(feelings and opinions)

I am in a curry!!help me please!

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    1.簡介: 通常都會背左一句開場白 - Good morning everybody, today i would like to introduce ..................


    Good morning everybody, today i would like to explain a animal right. When i was watching television last sunday, discovery channel was show a tortoise and the other to become extinct animals.

    I was shocked by what i saw, an African was killing the deer, so cruel thing. I think any animal should have exist right. If i were the killer, i mustn't kill the animal.

    I feel sorry to hear a lot of animal extinct, they also have a family, we should help them to found and protect their home.

    Althougt i'm very concerned with animal right, i suggest the government should to participate in and help animal.

    That's all of my presentation , Thank you.

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    i am in a curry?!

    and u should do ur own will you learn?

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