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SHE最近新專輯中~有首 "我愛麻煩"




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    SHE最近新專輯【 我的電台FM S.H.E 】中

    您問的那首歌 歌名是《我愛煩惱》作詞:林夕

    作曲:Dobson Fefe、Steinberg Billy、Alexander Josh  

    原曲歌名: This Is My Life

    原唱歌手:  Fefe Dobson 


    i know it's me

    who always leaves you stranded

    we are always apart

    i know you hate this

    but please don't end it

    there must be away

    i wish i could stay

    when i met you

    i was barely living

    i was lost in the dark

    but with the love

    that you've been giving

    i'm back from the dead

    with you in my head

    (because) when i look in your eyes

    i know you understand

    that good things always

    seem to slip right through my hands

    and everything but love

    is just grains of sand

    but with you this is my life

    here with you this is my life

    this is my life

    all day long i'm ok

    while i'm working

    but it hits me at night

    when every part of me

    for you is hurting

    i go through withdrawals

    i love you that's all

    why does it always

    have to be like this

    always desperate

    in a goodbye kiss

    now i'm back from the dead


    from SusannAh


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