Permit or Driver's license? I'm 18 in a month?

What do I do?

Wait for License

Or get permit?

More detail if you want


Okay, I'm 17 and I'm turning 18 in 31 days. I will be moving to Florida when I turn 18, but I will definatly need my driver's licsence ASAP when I get there.

I don't have my permit yet either.

What do I do?

Do I get my permit here, try to get some time behind the wheel? And then take the driver's licsence test in January, or in December, once I'm in Florida?

Can I skip the permit?

I heard that if you get a permit, you have to wait 6 months until you get a license?

Does that apply to me?

Thanks alot.

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    1 decade ago
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    It really all depends where you live. You'll have to check Florida's laws for driving licenses, I know here (Indiana) they changed it from you getting your license from 16 now to 18. I'm pretty sure (at least this was what it was when I was 16) that once you hit 18 you didn't need to have a permit, you would just go take the written test and than the driver's test. Getting your permit for me was just taking the written test so yea what I would do is get your permit now, study the driver's book for 30 minutes for like two days or whenever you have time in school; go get your permit and than once you arrive in Florida take the drivers test and than get your license. GL

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    if your going to turn 18, there is no need for a permit. As soon as you turn 18 you need to go for a driver license any ways. No point in making 2 trips to the DMV, because there really are some rude people working there. And the 6 month after permit thing to get a license thing only applys if you are under 18. I got my permit at the near the end of senior year, and then passed the driver license test 1 month later.

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    A learner's permit & (6) hour classroom course are mandatory for licensing in N.Y. state. There are no ways to skip those requirements. I have never heard of a (6) month waiting period for permit holders to take a road test. So I suggest, that you get your permit. Follow the guidelines set by D.M.V. & schedule a road test appointment. After that you can always have your license transferred to your new state.

    Good luck

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    permits are for people who aren't old enough to get a license yet,

    like you can get a permit at 14 in my state, then the license at 16.

    if you are 16 you just take the test even if you don't have a permit yet,

    you just do the written (permit) and the driving (license) test.

    or if some people only have permits, they probly passed the written part and failed the driving part,

    so they walked out of DMV w/ a permit so they can get some more skillz and try again.

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  • Diane
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    4 years ago

    I think it depends on where you live. In Florida, I know the rules are as follows: A) You must have had your Learner's Permit for at least 1 year, unless you are coming up to the date of your 18th birthday. B) You must have over 50 hours of driving experience, 10 of which are at night. C) You can't start nigh driving with a Learner's Permit until having it for at least 3 months. D) You pass your Driving Test, which includes a car that passes inspection. E) You have a parent or guardian cosign because you are still a minor. I think that's all their is.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    heyy man.

    u must pass a written test first to get a Learner's permit before u receive ur DRIVER's License. once u pass the written test and got ur learners license.

    it will take u around 12 months to get ur license or 8 months if u attend a driving school.

    if i were u. i'd get the permit Now. and just change it when u move to florida.

    i'm getting my Drivers license next month. i currently have a learners permit.

    good luck

  • 1 decade ago

    welll i know in oregon you need the permit for 6 months then you can get the license but that might be ppl under age 18 so i'd wait till u turn 18 and in florida so u don't waste money

  • 1 decade ago

    I'm not sure how it works in Florida or wherever you are right now, but in California, you're required to have a permit before obtaining your license. I got my license almost instantaneously after receiving my learner's permit, and I was 19.

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