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How many pizzas do I need to order for 20 people for lunch? ?

What size should I get?

What toppings would be good?

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    Typically a Large has 8 slices and an ExLarge as 12.

    Depending on the individuals eating, you can probably get 4 ExLarge. Get popular toppings (cheese, pepperoni, combo) but also get one veggie in case there are any vegetarians in the group. If you know ahead of time, it helps.

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    How Many Pizzas For 20 People

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    How Much Pizza To Order

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    How many pizzas do I need to order for 20 people for lunch? ?

    What size should I get?

    What toppings would be good?

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    If you get large pizzas then most men will eat about 1/4 of one. Women a little less than that. So if its 10 men and 10 women then if you get 5 you should OK. But if it was me I would get 6 because somethings you get hungry people. Have at least on be vegetarian. The rest mixed.

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    2-3 pcs per person. so if one pizza has 8, than you need like 5, but id get an extra one just in case. so 6 pizzas.

    go with pepperoni and hawaiian.

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    well it depends on how many slices each person will eat,

    say they all eat 3 slices, that's 3 x 20 = 60 slices

    so you should buy 6 10 slice pizzas or the equivalent of.

    as for toppings i'd get 2 of just margaretta, maybe 2 of peperoni and 2 on ham and pineapple!

    hope this helps :)

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    It depends on if it's all or mostly guys because they eat more. I eat like a guy and me and my boyfriend can eat a large. I would order 8 large.

    Italian Sausage


    Canadian Bacon

    Bell Pepper


    Black Olives

    Banana Peppers






    Extra Cheese

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    Typically there's 8 slices per pizza...(I own a Pizzeria) Also I'd recommend no less than a 16" pizza. You need to decide how many slices per person are they gonna eat? If you think 2 slices per person is enough that's 40 slices total then just do the math...That's 5 pies at 8 slices per pie...

    I always tell my customer to get 2 plain cheese, one pepperoni, or two, maybe a veggie like mushroom, and then maybe a carnivore or house fave...

    Hope that helps...If your in Delray Beach Florida I'll give you an excellent price at my shop: Tomasso's Of Delray-561-495-7799

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    i would say 5 large (8 pieces in a large - 2 pieces per person). you should get a cheese, maybe 2 pepperonis, a meat lovers, and a veggie lovers

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