Studying and working in the film/tv industry?

Im thinking about getting into the film/tv industry and want to get a certificate so I can get an entry level work in the industry then maybe pursue to a higher degree. Any suggestions on what short courses I can study and where and if I can get or ist easy to get a basic entry work in the film/tv industry??? Thanx

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    It depends on what you want to do. You'll likely end up as a go-for or in the mail room of a production company. Getting a job like that isn't any more difficult than any other position. It's the cooler positions, like cameraman, cinematographer, editor, ect that are more difficult to break in to.

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    The first thing to realize is that a degree or "certificate" for filmmaking will NOT get you a job in the industry. Schooling will help you to learn some theory about filmmaking and you may get some production experience at the student level, but the real world is vastly different.

    Breaking into the film industry isn't difficult, but it will take patience, perseverance and passion. The business runs entirely on relationships, so it takes time to build a list of contacts who know you, who like you, and who are willing to take the chance that you will do your job well enough that A) the job gets done well and B) they won't look stupid for hiring or recommending you.

    The best thing for you to do at this point is to first learn all you can about how the professional industry truly works on a day-to-day and shot-by-shot basis. ALL of that is available in the book, WHAT I REALLY WANT TO DO: ON SET IN HOLLYWOOD (link below). Then, you should do two things. First research all of the schools and workshops near you that offer the kind of education that concentrates on the aspects of filmmaking that interest YOU. Not all schools are alike. For the most comprehensive worldwide list of schools anywhere, go to and click on the "Filmschools" link at the top as well as the "Additional Resources" link at the top.

    Don't stop there. While you're reading the book and researching schools, try to find experienced professionals where you live who will let you intern with them for a time so you can see how real production actually happens. You may be carrying cases or getting coffee, but being in the professional world A) shows you what real life is like and B) allows you to start building your network of contacts who will help you achieve your career goals.

    What school you go to and what kind of internship you volunteer for depends on exactly what it is YOU want to do in the business. By reading the recommended book, you'll get a very good idea of what life is really like for a professional in the industry and that will help you to make choices that are right for YOU.

    Good luck!

    Brian Dzyak


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