What do you KNOW about protein, without cheating?

..Do you know how much protein your are supposed to get daily? Do you know without looking it up? Do you know how to calculate how much protein anyone else needs?

As a vegan, I get questioned about my protein all the time, but when I ask how much they think I should be getting, all I hear is silence. I'm not trying to be sassy or anything, I'm genuinely curious, who knows how much protein they need daily, without cheating?

Honest answers, and no cheating =D I really wanna see who knows their stuff, not who can navigate the internet the fastest.


Julia: Do you really think that any person, regardless of age or weight, has the same protein requirements?

Update 2:

Yogesh: How can you say that calculating protein intake based on weight is simplistic, and then generalizing that ALL adults should be getting 15% protein from their calories is.. what? More complicated? Complicated enough to pass off as being correct.

And you are wrong, men do not need 20% more protein than women.

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    I am so glad that someone has asked this question:

    Let me start by saying that I am on a Renal Kidney Failure Restricted Protein Intake diet. She just had me to re-calculated it today in which my dietitian check my calculation and was pleased that I remember how to do it.

    According to my dietitian I can only consume 60 grams per day of protein, however, I was weighing 206 lbs. I have now lost 10.7 lbs = 195.3 lbs, since Sept 2008 to Nov 17, 2008 got on the scales today.

    Here is my new calculation according to the formula she gave me>

    My current weight is 195.3x.157= 30.66 (195.3-30.66= 164.64; 164.64 x 1.14 = 187.69; now I divide my many times I eat per day to obtain my protein intake (187.69 divided by 3 meals per day = 62.56 grams per day), giving me 20.85 grams per meals so I round it off to 21 grams per meals x 3 = 63 grams.

    My protein is now under control. Now I want to get down to my ideal weight of 150 lbs by June of 2009 so therefore my new calculation will be a slight different, yes I will go back to begin a complete vegan. I am a very picky eater, can only drink soy milk, hate beans, really does not care for tofu (or should I say does not how to prepare tofu) have multiple foods allergies.

    So if I wish to get down to 150 lbs by June 2009 my calculation is: 150 x .157 = 23.55 (150 - 23.55 =126.45); 126.45 x 1.14 =144.15 divided by 3 meals per day = 48.05 grams per day. This will make my kidneys happy. I hope that I have answer your question.

    Each person has different protein requirements it is based on their medical health problems.

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    You are asking a simplistic question. For a Vegetarian its not how much protein but what type of protein do you need. You need all the 9 Essential amino acids. Answer for a non-vegetarian is easy eat 5 oz of meat and 2 cups of milk per day, and you got minimum protein requirement.

    For a vegan its little harder, there is no milk and there is no meat. So you go to the next best plant proteins Soybeans and peanuts. You should eat equivalent of 1-1/4 cups of cooked soy beans and one ounce of peanuts as a minimum.

    The actual amount depends on gender as well as age. Men need 20% more protein than woman. After the age of six the variation due to age is little. Younger one to 20 year need more protein than adults to aid in growth. The requirement flattens out till you are 49 then it increases slightly again

    15% of calories for an adult should come from proteins.

    Don't follow simplistic formulas that say you should take so many grams of protein per pound of your body weight. Those are developed for bodybuilders not average Joe and Jane

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    This query is elaborate to reply. To be certain, except you bought to a nutritionist and get monitored to look how so much "dishonest" you'll do with out gaining weight, you will not understand. My thought could be to take a look at to uncover some way of incorporating one of the crucial meals you prefer with the meals you're weight loss diet with. Because ultimately you're going to get off of the nutrition and return in your steady consuming conduct which have not given you the outcome you wish. Bottom line: Slowly comprise greater meals for your steady nutrition till you're consuming almost always healthful and "dishonest" frequently. I wish this is helping :)

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    About 50 grams a day, I believe.

    Edit: Of course not. I'm an adult woman.

    Requirements vary based on age, sex, and lifestyle. I don't remember those requirements, I'm afraid. I only remember the guideline for adult women.

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    I don't know how much protein you need a day i just know you need some protein in your diet to be healthy.

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    I think you need about 1 gram of protein per day for about each 2.5 pounds you weight. For me this is ~70 grams of protein.

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