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Past placental abruption what are the chances for anouther?

at 39 weeks i lost my little girl to a placental abruption, now i'm pregnant again about 16 weeks and i'm very scared it will happen again. I haven't been put on bed rest yet but the doctor seems to be contemplating it, they won't tell me to much when ever i ask its always the same "high risk " thing but never any real details. On top of this fear i've been waking up with night mares thinking its happing again and all i can think of is the bloody sheets i woke up to before. Does any one have any ideas about the risks of it happing again? and also any ways to make me feel better and less afraid.

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    I am so sorry for your loss. I am experiencing the same condition right now and have been since 22 weeks-I am now 25 weeks. I have been on bed rest ever since. 1/4 of my placenta is detached, but she is still growing good for her gestational age and her heartbeat is strong. Its rare that I find someone that is going through the same thing! Or has. At 24 weeks I received two steroid shots to help her brain and lungs develop faster. The risk is anywhere from 15-25% greater that you will have another Abruption. Your OB should be seeing you at least every two weeks and doing ultrasounds. Just take it easy and I would even put yourself on bed rest as a precaution. Also ask about those steroid shots that you can receive at 24 weeks. (Betamethasone.) Prepare yourself for a preemie!! Just be prepared for anything that comes/happens. I know that this will be my first and only pregnancy due to this as it has me terrified of it happening again.

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    Did they say that maybe your uterus just couldn't handle the growth? If so I would highly recommend asking if you can have an early induction, at about 36-37wks. I know how you feel about those fears. My first pregnancy was lost because of placenta previa, that ended with the placenta tearing away which resulted in me loosing the little one. My second was easy, by my 3rd. I had placenta previa again, started bleeding my first month, which continued through the months. it was complete, and about a third of the placenta had torn away from the wall. It finally healed, then the delivery was a nightmare. They almost lost my baby and myself. Talk about a nightmare, especially for my husband, s-mom, sisters etc. who were in the room. I'm just trying to tell you, that no matter how scary it is, if it's meant to be, it will. I now have a beautiful little 1 and a half y/o boy, healthy as canbe an just an angel. I hope all goes well with you and your little one, but if you have any, any pains, or odd feelings, I would rush to the ER with cops trying to pull me over on the way!

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    Congratulations Nic on identifying your having a boy. From what I recognize it is a critical situation for each child AND mom so just do what the DR tells you to. (now not that you just wont besides). Try to not fear your self over the horror reports that you're going to surely learn on the net. The final factor you wish to have correct now could be to strain your self out approximately it or blame your self in any style of means. Stay rested, do not do some thing strenuous and as difficult as that is going to,please attempt to keep calm and you probably have the slightest feeling that some thing isn't correct, regardless of how moderate, pass on your regional medical institution instantly. I wish the whole thing remains nice for you, I particularly do. XXX

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    try to relax for the baby's sake ..when you get tense or stressed the baby can pick up on that...pray ...pray for clamness and pray that the rest of your pregnancey is safe and healthy ...I was high risk as son was born very premature...I think back now , if i had to do it all over again , i would have tried to remain calm and more relaxed..i think me being frantic and my anxiety i had , actually made things worse , i think it played alot big role in my pretem labor..see if the doctor can give you any meds for anxiery , to help you relax , sleep better , cause im telling you your baby feeds over your of luck to you and your lil one...and god bless

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