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Taking 50mg Zoloft, and Klonopin as need for anxiety/panic?

Took Zoloft(generic) and .25mg of Klonopin at noon today w/ a peanut butter sandwich. Around 2:45 had a piece of raisin bread. Started to get heartburn so i took a pepcid and literally downed a glass of water. Around 3:30 started getting a tightness in my chest with extreme belching. No rapid heart beat or any other pain. After letting out a few more major belches the pain went away. Been on 50mg of zoloft for 5 days, after 25mg for 7 days. Klonopin i will be on a week tomorrow. Is this any cause for concern? Took another .50mg of klonopin to relax after ordeal. Thanks in advance


Klonopin also generic

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    You would be better off to learn relaxation techniques than rely on pills saving them for back up. However, some of the things you are describing are side effects of the klonopin. Check out the link below.

    Find a good behavior modification group/therapist and learn those relaxation techniques. My husband has had panic attacks for years and since he finally decided to take control rather than pop a pill, he's had fewer and less severe attacks. It's all related; the more control you take, the better off you will be! Good luck!

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