Anyone read Jo Frost's book on babies?

I hear she orginally specialized in caring for babies before she became super nanny. I watch her show and love her techniques but am really curious about what her book about the babies has to say about things like cry it out, co sleeping, breastfeeding, ect. ect. ....anyone have a clue?


wow..can anyone answer the question here??...I wasn't looking for your opinions on the the is a nanny different from most parents that work all day???? In fact a nanny spends more time with the children than the parents end up doing. Right now I care for 2 other kids myself, and I spend a total of 8 hours with them...their mum only gets to spend 5 at the most. I think most of you are horribly critical and are frankly being arrogant...

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    Wow,i agree some people don't really understand what a REAL nanny is/does. Jo was a nanny and it was her employer who offered her the chance at TV show. She has many books,the baby books is along the same lines,much of which is common sense,some parents are over whelmed,over worked and under experienced when it comes to there children,esp if they work (some family's need all there money) and if they have more than one or a special needs child. A Professional nanny is some one who is trained and experienced, NOT a babysitter,Au-pair,or a 15yr old. Why do people like Jo or myself know what we are doing,because its our job,and yes a nanny can expect to be work over 50+++ hrs a week,you do the math.

    I get upset when people have no real understanding of what a nanny is or what she does,Jo Frost is so success full because people need her advice and help full hints+tips,also she is more in demand in the US than in the UK,so that speaks for itself.

    If you like her books and like how she works,then get it,as i said its more of the same but for babies,also covers,teething,feeding,nappy rash,sleep routines and such.

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    Huh, that's funny. She has no children of her own but she writes a book on how to care for babies? Sorry but you'll never find me reading it. I'd rather take advice from another parent, not someone who makes big bucks on a TV show.

    And yes I have seen Super Nanny on TV. She's nothing spectacular. She's just doing what the parents don't have the balls to do. Her techniques are not original, she's simply reintroducing what has been forgotten by today's modern parents. Can she give a unique perspective being an unbiased third party? Sure! But until you have your own children you can't even begin to fully understand what it's like to raise them twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Being a nanny is not the same as being a parent.


    A nanny spends more time with children than most parents??? Those parents must have messed up priorities and I don't have a nanny because I am the one who will be raising my children, thank you very much. And it's not arrogance to say that being a nanny is nothing like being a parent. That's true. You asked, you got the opinions.

    So you care for two kids for 8 hours a day...does that make you their mother? Nope. Their mother still has a bigger influence than you ever will. I appreciate what nannies do for families when both parents need to work, but you are still not on the same level as a parent.

    Source(s): Having a degree in child development and actually having children are two very different things!
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    No, i have not read that book but do have and read her book called "how to get the best from your children" which i enjoyed reading and opened up a new way of looking at parenting issues for me. Her books are only meant to be a guideline, some advice from a woman who may not have children herself but does have lifelong caregiver experience and a true gift for interacting with children. Of course her book is not going to cover every little aspect, it is going to give you a general idea on what to do. otherwise she would have to spend years going through all the different sides of things and whatnot and covering how every parent feels about each situation, i mean lets face it everyone has different parenting techniques and thoughts she is just giving you a general idea of things. She is very right about baby powder regardless of if you use cornstarch the worry here is they inhale this powder, however again it is only a guideline not a rule and once you realize that when reading her books i think you will enjoy the advice that much more.

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    I've not read it nor do I intend to. I do not follow her advice or anything else. She doesn't even have children of her own and in reality telling other people what you think they should do with their kids when you have none is easier said that done in reality when you're the parent.

    I had all kinds of ideas of "my kid will never ____" before I had kids. Now that I am a mom and have an almost 2 year old to care for, well, alot of those ideas went good bye at the hospital when he was in my arms.

    I don't take advice or input from people who don't have kids of their own. They have no clue of the daily in and outs of being a 24-7-365 no time off and no sick days or holidays parenting.

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    i didnt know she had books... anyone know where to get them?? just because she doesnt have children doesnt mean she doesnt know what shes doing... have you seen supper nanny? the woman obviously knows what shes doing! i would read it

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    I agree with everything Texas Gal said and if she had not already said it, I would say it myself............

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