Anyone else looking forward to the release of "The Road"?

Based on the Cormac CcCarthy book starring Viggo Mortensen? I happened to have loved the book and I cannot wait to see the film. I hope it is true to the book and does not leave out any of the gory (and I mean GORY!) scenes. I think that if it is done right it will be a very powerful and moving film.


I meant McCarthy, whoops!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I seem to remember the premise of the book is that it's *years* after a *total* apocalypse. There's nothing left. The whole point is that the man and boy have nothing to eat. They can't live off the land. They have to travel and scavenge ... but the screen-shots here show the ground covered in Autumn leaves! Surely if there is vegetation everywhere this will completely ruin the film.

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