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i got a letter in the mail from "Electrolux Home & Business Management Inc." Saying that i got a "grant for $37,000 and that i was randomly selected blah blah blah...supposedly this grant is sponsored by western union, microsoft, walmart, sears, McDonalds...over 250 donors and that every time i used my debit card at one of these locations my information was submitted. Enclosed was a check for $4950.10. when i called the number the guy said to deposit the check and then western union $3150 to an escrow account manager to pay the taxes on it and they would send the balance via UPS. One thing i don't understand is, if this is a scam why would i have $1800 left over and why didn't the guy on the phone ask for my checking account number or something suspicious? The check is authentic enough, water marks, routing numbers and all... By the way i am the mother of all sceptics and have searched all over the internet for some answers with no

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    Fraud. You will cash the cheque at your bank and they will cash it based on YOUR good rapport. The cheque will not have actually cleared the other bank as yet. When it tries to, it will NOT clear and you will be hunted by your bank to pay this. Meantime, you have naively sent the funds to the SCAMMER because you are honest and feel you got a great deal.

    This has been going on for a long time and I remember it happening on EBAY with people offering to buy something from you and sending you a cheque to cover the shipping. They would send a cheque for TOO MUCH and tell you to send back the difference that they oversent which was to cover shipping. They wanted the item SO BADLY that they sent MORE THAN ENOUGH to cover shipping rather than wait any longer - because again they want the crap so so so badly.


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    sounds like a scam to me. they are asking you to pay some fees so thats an obvious sign of a scam. another sign is spelling and grammar mistakes, if this really was sponsored by all those big companies then everything would be spelled correctly and the grammar would be flaw less. being "randomly selected" can also be a sign of a scam, i get phishing emails all the time from people claiming to be part of big well known companies such as Microsoft, or from banks in foreign countries, or the lawyer from some dead rich person, they say i was randomly selected to receive a grant but nobody gives out grants to random people, seriously why would some random person/company hand you a large sum of money for no reason.

    try looking up the company that supposedly sent you this letter online and see what you can find. also go to the websites for the companies that they claim have donated to this grant, and email them asking if they its true or not. also take the check to a bank or something and ask them if it is authentic but DONT deposit it

    in the mean time dont do anything else, dont deposit the check. dont call the number again. dont give out any info or spend any money on this

    Source(s): personal experience
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    It is a scam, anytime you are told to deposit the money and then send part of it back then you can be assured it is not legitimate.

    Anytime you receive (unsolicited) money in the mail then you know there is something fishy going on, if you were to deposit that check(if the bank even let you get that far with it) it is hard to say what would happen to your account, besides the fact the check would bounce and then you would be held liable for all those charges. You would be committing fraud even if you do not know that at the time, and you can be held responsible for that. With that it would destroy your credit and good name with the bank, don't take that chance.

    My advice to you Rip it up and forget all about it, and check your phone bill to make sure you are not being scammed, especially since you phoned him, you may have unknowingly opened up your phone line for them to use.

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    The check is probably not valid. By the time you send the money to the escrow manager, the check will not clear and the entire amount will be deducted from your account, + fees and penalties.

    This is a very common scam, used as payment for music lessons, expensive tools etc.

    Any legitimate grant does not have to do this.

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    It's spam crap. Anytime someone sends you an email saying you've won something or anything enticeing, put it in the junk mail, and delete it. Don't ever open them, because if you do you will most likely let them place cookies on your computor at the very least, and at the very worst, a virus, which could lead to multiple problems, including a corrupted hardrive in the worst case scenarios.

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    You are going to deposit 4,950.00 into your account. Then go to western union with 3,100 cash and send to them. Two things, the check they sent you is no good, and secondly the bank wont deposit into your account until it has been verified as good. THIS IS A SCAM.

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    Total, 101 percent scam. That "deposit the check and send us money back" deal is all over the Internet. Stay as far away as you can.

    I hope this helps!!

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    Unless you KNOW those people and did apply for that grant, yes it is a Scam, asking for enough information to steal your identity or run up credit in your name enough to gag a horse

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    Completely a scam. Don't fall for it. A lot of these types running around. Don't fret that you weren't sure. It fools a lot of people. Just delete it and now you'll know next time :D

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    Take the cheque to a bank and ask them to look it over. They'll check the numbers and everything.

    If they don't know seek some free legal advice.

    Source(s): I did this with a nigerian scam cheque and they confiscated it telling me I would have been part of a laundering scam had I cashed it. Always better to check.
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