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are all male designers gay?

i'm a guy who loves designing im fond of it bcoz it makes me earn money and so i help oyher look gorgeous and fabulous,but i'm wondering why people thinks that males like me are to be gay they dont accept explanation they are insisting it, but thats not the real thing i know that in fashion it requires great imagination but why do these ignorant people don't realize that not only gays have that fashion sense some gays that i know just pretend that they are good in designing but the reality is they dont know the guidelines in fashion design not nsaying that they are not good but they dont know what clothes fits that kind of personality im just wondering is it bad for a men to be in fashion industry?

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    No! There are plenty of females who design mens clothes and it does not make a difference in the slightest as to the gender of the creator. Keep going with your dream- as long as you enjoy it then there is no reason to stop. Good luck!

    By the way the only reason there is more gay men that straight in the fashion business is probably because they are not as itimidated by models etc

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    A century ago a male who was fashion-savvy and fond of fancy dress would have been known as 'dapper' or a 'dandy.' Didn't mean he was gay, but just different from the stereotypical non-fashion-conscious man. The same concept really still applies - it's stereotyping either way, but such stereotyping exists simply because it really is true that the majority of men don't care about fashion.

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    I went to school and have a degree in Graphic Design. Though there are a few gay men that I've run across, I would say an overwhelming majority of men in the the graphics arts field were not gay.

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    I just saw the first question and i didn't bother on reading all that crap

    I mean i bet not all of them are gay

    probably 90 something percent of them are though

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    Fashion designers & hairdressers probably.

    Graphic and architectural design probably not.

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    Good grief no..That is a sterotype statement!!

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