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Are US automakers their own worst enemy?

They only release cars with generic styling, or reissue new version of old cars all with terrible gas mileage.

Why is that?

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    They are really STUPID to not compete with the Asian market.

    It makes me wonder just WHO is behind the automakers (my guess is the OIL COMPANIES or they would never have been so STUPID as to create these HUGE GAS GUZZLING SUVS right??)

    So now it's backfired...seems everything America has done has backfired. So wake up! Time to rise from the ashes and re-invent yourselves.

    I hope Obama cleans out these lard-assed politicians and makes America a model the world will trust again because right now, I don't blame anyone for hoarding thier cash and keeping it under their pillows.

    I don't think we've even begun to hit rock bottom yet.

    It's disgusting the filthy rich pigs that run this world. I sure hope there is a heaven so we can all watch them snap, crackle and POP over an open fire.

    I think these people should also remember Bush's "wise" words...fool me once shame on you...fool me twice...uh...duh...

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    I disagree. There are some pretty good looking American cars that are more distinctive then their Japanese counterparts and they are competitive performance wise. The main problem is perception. American cars are perceived to be inferior because of the cars made in the 80's when they weren't very good, plus they cars have no clear advantage over the dozens of other manufacturers. The Japanese are known for reliability. The South Koreans make affordable cars with rising quality. The Germans make cars that are more fun to drive. What can the Americans offer that can't be done by other auto makers? They let the competition bypass them.

    I heard on talk radio not long ago that another problem is inflexibility. The Japanese and S.Koreans can make a number of models from one assembly line. Americans are set up to make only one model at a time so of the model fails the whole line has to go too. The Americans have to start thinking on a more multidimensional scale and they have to come out with something that is clearly better more consistently.

    The "bailout" will not change perception. It's might just prolong the inevitable if they don't restucure quickly. The catch? It takes years of R and D to make a new car let alone change the way you make a car. IMO time is just as big a factor as lack of money.

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    Every year, they spend a kings ransom retooling to give us a "New" car no one asked for. Volkswagen and Checker both stuck with the same design and had it for decades.

    Add to this, they send work over seas to avoid paying out exorbitant labor costs (union labor ain't cheap!) but then don't bother to pass that saving along to the customer. Instead, they are rewarded with princely bonus' for having made astronomical leaps in profit.

    So, by the time you add in the greed of the UAW with their demands for higher wages, bigger and bigger benefits packages with less and less work, you end up with a vehicle that costs about three times what it should.

    And they want a bail out to come rescue them... From whom? Themsleves. And what will they learn by receiving such a bail out? Nothing. Yes *sigh* the U.S. automakers truly ARE their own worst enemy.

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    It is the peoples fault because we chose the fancy lines, the fancy everything and not economy.

    The governments fault because they do not push economy, they push "buy more! regardless of economy.

    And more importantly, the people who control our money. They push us to get loans, buy high, not low, 6 year loans on a car that will be junk in that length of time, thus making us slaves to their ways with never ending loans to the grave.


    Look at the back of a dollar bill

    It says Federal Reserve System

    How many of you know that system is privately owned?

    How many of you know that the Federal Reserve System is controlled by a few banks and a handful of very rich people?

    How many of you know that the chairman of the Federal Reserve System is probably the most powerful man on the planet?

    The Federal Reserve System controls our money supply

    Prints our money

    Interest rates

    encourages you to be in debt

    lends money to our government while you the tax payer are paying interest on that debt.

    That our money is not backed by anything tangible, such as gold or silver, but only backed with a promise.

    In short, they control just about every aspect of your life, your money, your credit cards, your mortgage, your car loan, student loans, your retirment, etc.

    Including having their hands in getting us involved in money making wars.

    The smartest thing I ever did was chose to live debt free about 20 years ago. It is amazing how much of our money is eaten up by the Federal Reserve System, and how much more disposable income I had because I made the right choice.

    And more information about the federal reserve system:

    And this audio from Senator Ron Paul

    And video

    Youtube thumbnail

    Other prespectives

    For more information about this and other important issues, download this:

    TVU Player

    Then I would tune into:

    Channel 68078

    Exposing 9/11, police state and tyranny

    Documentaries about 911 and other social issues over and over again.


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    at the end of the day, everything is linked with each other.

    The Government is linked with the Petroleum industry which is tightly linked to the automaker industry. Preventing smart and efficient mileagee = more gas consumption.

    If we think abt it, in today's technology advancement, why the hack are we still having problems in providing efficient and effective engine?

    if efficient engine is introduce, how will the petroleum industry survive?

    The money is still in black gold industry... Without the black gold industry dominating, how will our politicians get their support to be the leaders of great nations as they call it great.

    the side effect= economic unstability. world stock market crash.

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    It doesn't matter what product you have, overhead is your worst enemy.

    The United Auto Workers have forced American auto workers into about $2500 overhead per car that no other auto maker in the world has to pay. All of it is in the form of retirement benefits, overtime pay, training pay and other goodies that the union demanded and got.

    They are now putting American auto workers out of business. It has been happening for at least 5 years. (2 years ago, GM had to sell it's most successful subsidiary, GMAC, because of cash problems.)

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    With the Big 3 U.S. Automakers circling the drain, here are 10 solutions to the current crisis and none of them involve sticking your head between your legs and kissing your rear goodbye.

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    i know cars built the american economy and it was at one time a magnificent marvel of technology and its production contained a great deal of value added but these days it has become a commodity cranked out in great quantities in places like india, china, and thailand. it is time for rich nations who make their extraordinary per capita gdp by high tech r&d and value added manufacture and services to get out of this commodity business and invent a new business model just as the automobile had done once many many moons ago and leave the auto to the commodity makers.

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    Since I was kid, they have been talking about making solar cars, electric cars, blah blah blah, that was about 30 years ago. They have done this to themselves, by not making these cars yet. They have seen this coming for decades, yet continue to make gas guzzlers like Hummers and SUV's. They have been ripping us off for years, and now want us to bail them out, screw that.

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    Yeah, pretty much. The UAW is one of their worst enemies also.

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