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Aside from Harrier jets, has there ever been a successfully employed VTOL or STOL aircraft in any military?


The Osprey as you say is tilt motor, but I will confess I had forgot about it - fairly large mistake there!

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    Yes, apart from the V-22 Osprey -- which strictly speaking is a tiltrotor and not a VTOL as such -- the Yak-141 was in service for some time. Also, it's not VTOL by any means, but the vectored thrust of the X-31 allowed incredibly short takeoffs and quite remarkable manoeuvres in general. There is a stack of other reasonably successful VTOL concept aircraft designated for military use, but essentially none of them made it past the prototype stage.

    The F-35 has impressive VTOL/STOL abilities, however it is not in service as yet. Search for any vids you can find, they rock.

    Check the links for more detailed info.

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    Any aircraft that can take off and land vertically is a VTOL aircraft. Tiltrotors and helicopters as well.

    Here is the best link for seeing all the V/STOL aircraft showing their similarities and differences. The 'wheel' is clickable so you can read more about each individual aircraft. Enjoy!

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    The STOL Pilatus Porter( PC-6)is used by militaries around the world. The U.S. used it in Vietnam. Many STOL versions of the Porter have been in use since the early 60's.

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    the soviet union had the yak 38 in service for a few years.

    then there is the V22 osprey.

    and while it wasnt truly in service, there was the fore runner to the harrier, the kestral.

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    As far as I know yes .

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