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the book of EMMA

what can u learn from the book"emma"??

and who is your favourite character and what do u learn from them??

i need it for discussion so plz help!!

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    The whole novel revolves around varied and faulty viewpoints.


    The picture above sums Emma up:some people see a young lady, some an old hag—and the way people viewthings in multiple ways is what the book is all about.

    My most favourite character is Emma Woodhouse.

    Emma Woodhouse, the protagonist of the story, is a beautiful,high-spirited, intellectual, and 'slightly' spoiled woman of almost 21.Her mother died when she was very young, and she has been mistress ofthe house ever since, certainly since her older sister got married. Insome ways, Emma is mature for her age, although she makes some seriousmistakes. Though vowing she will never marry, she delights in makingmatches for others. She seems unable to fall in love, until jealousymakes her realize that she has loved Mr. Knightley all along.

    The life style of 19th century was attractivein its own way. It would seem to be a bit meaningless to live your lifeonly for you to pick a husband. Then your life ends, because you areanother person. But living in this modern, busy, city life, whowouldn't envy a life with endless parties and afternoon teas? Whowouldn't envy a life without worries of all kinds except for the one -get a good husband? Life seemed extremely simple.

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