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我很怕冷, 我好怕凍 英文怎麼說?

i am afraid of cold weather?

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    I scare the cold weather????????@_@

    How does a person scare the cold weather?

    With what?


    I am scared of the cold weather. You are scared of it.

    It is not " you scare it.".


    1) He scared his sister with a dead rat.

    2) His sister was scared by the dead rat.

    3) I think ( that) my mom is going to die.

    I am so scared now.


    I am sick and tired of the cold weather.

    I am sick of the cold weather.

    I hate the cold.

    I cannot take the cold. ( " cold" refers to the cold weather too.)

    Here is a link for you.


    cold weather: He can't take the cold.

    I hate the cold weather.

    I do not like the cold weather.

    I dislike the cold weather.

    The cold weather drives me nuts.

    It is correct to say " I am afraid of the cold weather./ I am afraid of cold weather.".

    Hope that helps.


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    我很怕冷, 我好怕凍 英文怎麼說?

    1) I hate winter - 一句己代表你很怕冷, 又好怕凍, 極之不喜歡冬天.

    2) I afraid and scare of cold very much - 較具體. 但, 試想你和熟朋友傾計, 你會選那一句?

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    hi... I guess u just go to a new place for studying or living. absolutely u can say it.

    normally in USA, ppls say .... I scare the cold weather. or ... I am sick of the cold weather. or .... I hate the cold weather.

    actually say it ... as simple as possible, it would be ok. takecare!

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    我很怕冷的英文應該讀---->I'm afraid to clod.....................................

    不過,你說i am afraid of cold weather都ok ga

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