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“The sellers liability is limited to the net value of goods of the plant component, from which the faulty object or the cause of the damaging event originates. The liability is always limited to the typically foreseeable damage. Beyond this amount, neither party shall be liable, neither under contract or otherwise for loss of profit, production, interest and financing charges or any direct or indirect consequential damages, except in the case of intentional acts or omissions. This limitation of liability is not valid as far as the liability insurance concluded by seller will pay for the damages”

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    「賣主責任被限制到植物組分的物品的净值,有毛病的對象或有害的事件的起因發源。 責任总是被限制到典型可預見的損傷。 在這數額之外,两個黨不會是有義務的,不根據合同或為利润损失,生產、興趣和財務充電或者中的任一指揮或間接间接损害,除了在故意行動情況下或遺漏。 這個责任范围是無效的,只要賣主結束的责任保险將支付損傷」

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    賣主責任被限制到植物組分的物品的净值,有毛病的對象或有害的事件的起因發源。 責任总是被限制到典型可預見的損傷。 在這數額之外,两個黨不會是有義務的,不根據合同或為利润损失,生產、興趣和財務充電或者中的任一指揮或間接间接损害,除了在故意行動情況下或遺漏。 這個责任范围是無效的,只要賣主結束的责任保险將支付損傷

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