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My Laptop uses 100% Processor during streaming.?

My 3 years old dell laptop uses 100% processor during any online streaming. and after couple of minutes it gets heated too much and it can't stream more. What could be the reason? I have 1 GB RAM. Do I need to upgrade it? I use linux.


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    What are you trying to stream? It could just be that decompression or scaling or whatever it needs to do to the data it is getting requires a lot of cycles.

    Although you might want to try putting a vacuum cleaner up to the vent in the side just to suck the dust out (that might help fix the overheating and allow it to run at 100% for extended time periods).

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    100% resource consumption seems odd, make sure your operating system stays stable when you are not streaming?

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    I think you either need a bigger fan or a more powerful processor.

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    I personally don't like linux that might be your reason~`

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