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Should Auto Workers Protest in the Streets?

The Gay anti-Prop 8 protests are able to take over streets and shut down traffic for miles. They want equal rights and the streets of California cities will be gridlocked with traffic jams until they get it.

Should the Auto Workers and those who rely upon the auto industry take a page from their playbook? Why not target the Republican Senators districts that against an Auto industry bailout? A few weeks of gridlocked traffic and chanting protesters will certainly encourage them to take a second look at the proposal.

This is America, we have a Constitutional right to assemble and protest. Why not use your rights to get what you want?


If no bailout is forthcoming, there will be between two and four million unemployed people roaming the streets. Is that a better solution?

Update 2:

The Germans, Koreans and Japanese will take over the auto industry. With some upstarts from India, Malaysia and China coming behind them.

Who will produce the tanks and humvees we use? How about a Hyundai humvee?

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    I think they should, the can if they want to as long as they don't get violent. They have every right to protest but i think they should protest to their bosses too, because if their bosses had gotten better with fuel efficiency after the first bail out they were given they wouldn't be in this mess right now. if they protest new standards now they wont try to screw tax payers into giving them another hand out later, but a constructive hand towards a new tech like gm has begun to do with the Chevy volt

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    Seriously there are more Foreign cars made in America then American cars so I doubt that many people will lose their jobs

    If the the Big Three don't get the Government Helping Hand trust me they won't go anywhere

    They will restructure and claim bankruptcy

    What will go by the wayside is the over priced cushy Union factory work and contracts

    Then GM, Ford and Chrysler can start pumpin out cars that America would really want because they will have money to pay for innovation and technology which was being over spent on a broom proper in a factory earlier

    I'm sorry when someone is making 73 an hour to build a car they are in the range of a Doctors pay and that just isn't right

    Sorry Michigan if you want 73 an hour go to school for 8 years and get a profession, but if you want to keep that factory job plan on starting at 14 and getting 30 bucks an hour tops unless you have some kind of specialty in the factory

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    Protesting in the street accomplishes nothing. Instead of another bailout, perhaps the auto industry should think about how to produce a better engineered, built and delivered product. You don't see Toyota, Hyundai or Saab needing a bailout.

    I think it's clear that the U.S. can no longer support three major domestic producers of automobiles. Though keep in mind that many "foreign" models are now assembled in the U.S.

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    Last time I looked, the Big Three themselves were looking for a handout. So maybe their CEOs should join the workers in the street? Methinks your rant is simply anti-unionism disguised as a rage against the bailout. What is this, the latest PR campaign by GM, trying to blame the unions for their problems, being handled by the GOP?

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    Maybe the UAW workers could have not been so freaking greedy to begin with, and maybe the auto industry wouldn't be in the situation it is now. Sorry, but we've already bailed them out once before...if they can't run their business successfully, maybe they should make way for those who can.

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    1 decade ago

    protests don't work. they make the protesters look like sore losers and they are basically throwing a temper tantrum since they didn't get their way.

    sure, we have a right to protest. the anti-prop 8 people should get on with life and the auto workers should make better cars.

    Source(s): prop 8 passed - get on with life
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    3 years ago

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    1 decade ago

    Being reasonable and accepting the consequences of others exercising their right to vote (by voting down a measure, or voting to buy a better car from another manufacturer) would be nice too, would it not?

    Time to accept the reality..

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    There are far less Auto Workers than Gay people.

    In fact in the state I live, we have zero Car Manufacturing factories.

    So it would be hard to pull off a massive protest like the Pro-gay ones around the US.

  • Lilly
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    1 decade ago

    Go ahead. See who is going to feel sorry for the UAW.

    Y'all run this into the ground with your 90 thousand dollar a year janitors. I've been married for over 20 years and who is going to pay my health insurance forever?

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