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Jew chasing anti holocaust guy?

I'm not sure if anybody remembers that video that was shown all over the world about 20 years or so ago of that jew on this french talk show during some debate where he chases this guy who was anti holocaust. It was funny and I'd love to see it again, please let me know......


I didn't say the holocaust itself was funny, I thought it served the guy right though on the debate when he was talking about how the holocaust never existed. The jewish man on the french debate show had a just reaction, I just wanted to know if anybody had the video since I found it funny. My grandmother was polish and went to the camps and I also had jewish relatives so I meant no offense.

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    Look, I'm Jewish and there's absolutely nothing funny about the Holocaust. Get over yourself.

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    The Jewish Holocaust and the Holocaust of African Americans In the Americas Is Not nor ever or was a Joke. If you had been in Poland, Slovakian or a Gypsy You may have Become a Victim as well. Be Compassionate for others

    Source(s): The Holocaust Museum Jim Crow Law
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    Nope! Sorry don't remember it. Why was he chasing him? Did the guy say something dumber than the Holocaust never existed? Or was it funny because Anti-Guy was obviously not a major history buff unless its revisionist history?

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    Agree with Gallant,the Shoa?Holocaust is hilarious--- if you're into the KKK or any other hateful group.

    Gallant,inadvertantly gave you a thumbs down,sorry :-

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    "Look, I'm Jewish and there's absolutely nothing funny about the Holocaust. Get over yourself."


    Find a sense humor.

    Can I whine if I'm too young to remember the holocaust and I'm 1/16 Jew? Maybe I should ask for reparations.

    Edit: I'm part of no "hateful group," nor do I find it hilarious. People need to lighten up.

  • Oh yes so many aspects of the Holocaust were just hilarious!

    Oh and yes that's sarcasm in case you didn't pick up on that.

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    Yeah I bet it was a hoot!

    "I used to look at my dog and think, 'If you were a little smarter, you could tell me what you were thinking,' and he'd look at me like he was saying, 'If you were a little smarter, I wouldn't have to.'"

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    If modern Jews who were so much the chosen people of God and were so much of a descendants of the ancient Hebrews. Then why didn't their God save them from Hitler? I mean damn what happen.

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