What does creme brulee taste like?

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It looks so delicious! What does it taste like? I would make it but i couldnt cook to save my life!
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It tastes like heaven. A light vanilla custard (not pudding, you can taste the egg) with caramelized (slightly burnt) sugar on top. Mmmmmmmm

Pumpkin and Maple Creme Brulee is even better.....


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  • ★ℓίℓίţħ★ answered 5 years ago
    It tastes like vanilla and cream. The texture is smooth and silky. I love the bruleed sugar on top because it has this decadent yet clean caramel flavor. I love that thin coating of crunch with the custard.
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  • pabxmafia answered 5 years ago
    Depends on who makes it, but to me it tastes like a vanilla custard with a crunchy caramelized sugar top ( the top is most likely turbinado sugar aka sugar in the raw that caramelized by using a hand torch or sticking under a broiler)..
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  • theHoundDawg answered 5 years ago
    Custard with a crunchy topping.
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