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How many calories do you burn throwing up?

please read first. I'm a purge-type anorexic(don't eat much, throw up everything when I do) and have been for 6 or 7 years so I know the dangers and consequences of this. I've tried to get help already, but the centers around here aren't equipped to deal with eating disorders...they don't know anything about the mental torment...they think it's simple as "just eat, gain weight, go home". I've gone 4 hours away from home before and stayed 6 months and it made it all worse. So please, don't lecture me on it I'm under enough stress already. Just answer the question.


Please stop saying "don't be anorexic" it's really not that easy...trust me I've tried very hard. Food is not great to me, and I have a good reason why...alot of things have happened to me and I'm not really ready to talk about most of them yet, but one of them was being beaten almost daily, one of the reasons being I ate too much and was too fat, even when I was 65 lbs and eating once every two weeks. So please, don't make it out to be such a simple disease to cure. Btw, I am seeing several psychiatrists right now so I really have tried, I just don't think I'm ready to recover yet.

Update 2:

Btw, I've lost 10 lbs a week this way so I know it works. Also, I couldn't lose weight like another person at this point because all the years of restricting and purging have shot my metabolism to hell.

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    In 1 of the ED programs I was in-we were told less than 7% of what you consumed since its already mostly digested by the time it hits ur stomach

    Its hard for me to keep that in mind sometimes tho.

    Sometimes I don't remember and I purge anyways

    But I am trying pretty damn hard to stay on the right path. I've gained 70 lbs so now im @ a healthy weight. I can lose a few lbs tho

    A great treatment program is linden oaks in naperville IL

    Or there's rogers memorial hospital. And they have a residential too

    (Linden oaks has one called the arabella house)

    You should check them out

    I've also been struggling for about 7 years

    I was diagnosed when I was 11.

    Good luck!


    Didn't mean to piss you off. I was just tellin you what I know

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    You'd burn a few calories from the action of throwing up, but you're maybe talking two. You'd lose the calories from whatever was thrown up that otherwise weren't processed. They're not technically burnt though. And if you throw up enough, your body's metabolism will get thrown out of whack so that it will burn dramatically fewer calories elsewhere since it's been taught to extract as much as it can from whatever is consumed -- it essentially goes into starvation mode. If you want to burn calories, exercise, even if it's just going for walks. And if you're throwing up, it should not be with calorie burning anywhere in mind. It'll screw up the body and ultimately backfire as a "diet" strategy. You might lose a few calories in the moment, but the body will overcompensate in the other direction over the long-term.

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    You usually only get rid of about two thirds of the calories you took in. You're not even getting it all out, so it's better to just not do it at all. I hope that you can find a better support group in your area. There may be some counselors or support groups who can help you get things back on track.

    Good luck, honey! I really hope you get help.

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    None , because you're not working your body to the point were you burn calories, the only way to burn calories is by exercising.

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    NONE AS IN 0

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    None. You burn more by walking or just doing the dishes.

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    Very few.

  • dont be anorexic. food is good. eat it.

    and you probably lose most because it all comes right back up.

    respect your body.yo

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    probably almost none

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