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8th grade Volleyball!?!?

hi, ok so im joing volleyball, but i dont understand the game that well. not like the technical rules and crap just that u kno get the ball over the net lol. so cam some2 explain to me please or give me a good site... and videos to help me learn it better would help cus i wanna rock it =]

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    heyyyyy! well just watch some videos of middle school girls playing vball. GOOGLE IT lolz! bt ya gud luck n have funn!!!

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    T3 Amo =] jiji not bt 4real of course i do CHEZZ

    rock it babyee

    OMG DID U KNO DAT FREDY WANTZ TO KIK CESARZ ***?!?! IDK Y BT DIANA CALLED ME N TOLD ME N OMG!! I WOULD KILL TO SEEM DEM FIGHT DAAAAMNN !!! lol no bt 4real i think cesar wld get his p*ssy kikd dude. but ya ill let chu kno =]

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    email me with ur specific questions...ill help u... ive been playin since i wuz 4

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