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8th grade Volleyball!?!?

hi, ok so im joing volleyball, but i dont understand the game that well. not like the technical rules and crap just that u kno get the ball over the net lol. so cam some2 explain to me please or give me a good site... and videos to help me learn it better would help cus i wanna rock it =]

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    heyyyyy! well just watch some videos of middle school girls playing vball. GOOGLE IT lolz! bt ya gud luck n have funn!!!

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    T3 Amo =] jiji not bt 4real of course i do CHEZZ

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    Wear knee pads, shorts, t-shirt, and tennis shoes. When I tried out in seventh grade, only 3 or 4 people had played volleyball and a few people hadn't played on a team before either. So don't worry about that. What to work on- get in shape. Run a lot. Even though you dont run much in volleyball, you'll probably condition. Work on the basics... passing, setting, serving, and spiking. During tryouts have a good attitude and give 100%. That'll mean a lot to the coaches. Good luck! And hope this helps :]

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    Well, when the ball is about to hit the floor and you go under it and bump it up over the net, I believe it is called a dig. When you are in the back, you serve it. When the ball is high and you go up and smack it over the net to the ground, then that is spiking..

    Hunny, if you don't know about the game then why are you joining?

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    its not that hard all you have to do is put your hands together and hit the ball on your foreasrms

    another thing to try is go to some camps

    look in your area for some volleyball camps or clincs and try some

    ive been to lots and its helped me to learn the game much better

    good luck

    ull do great

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    well the ways you can hit it are by serving, setting, passing, or basically anything with your arms. you can also spike but only at certain times. you serve when its your teams ball and you have the first hit over the net. setting is usually the second hit on your side and its when you have your hands over your head in the shape of a triangle almost and you hit it with your fingertips, when you pass you put your hands together sort of like your clapping and stick your thumbs over the top of your hands and hit it with your forearms. spiking is usually the 3rd and final hit of your side. you take a certain step when someone sets it to you, jump REALLY high, and hit it as hard as you can with your hand to the other side. i hope this helps :D


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    practice practice practice!! i used to be really bad in grade 7 then grade 8 i got better and by grade 9 i was the best player on my team! im in grade 10 now and i still play and well i am for once a good hitter in comparison to the past years

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    Any book will help you understand it better. I play volleyball for college michigan! It is a fun sport! google volleyball rules and you'll be fun just have fun with it and it will all unfold.

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    just go on youtube and watch some my freshman year or last year was my first playing and now im pretty good just tell the coach you never played before and he or she will work with you. Do what i did just ask alot of questions and before doing somthing in practice walk through it so you understand better!!

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    why do you want to play if u know nothing about because if you play you will make a bad team im sorry but that is how volleyball works

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    well i play volleyball and i have for like 8 years now. its alot of fun. and as soon as you learn it you will definaelty bee beastin at itt. haa!! girl, juss go to or something and type in explain volleyball to me. or something according to that nature.

    have fun with itt.

    bye bye

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