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why is the mormon church growing and the episcopal church shrinking (gay marriage)?

The mormon church is one of the only organized religion growing left in America and the Episcopal church is FASTEST shrinking church in America. The Episcopal church is also one of the only churches that performs same sex marriage.

While the mormon church condones same sex marriage (not same sex unions)

Does this mean that there are just a lot more haters of gays in America?


ecdact, how does that apply to my question?

Update 2:

agreed, republicans are stupid is "change we can believe in"

Update 3:

yes, -4.15% in 2007. 2008 is going to be a much bigger loss for them. they had 4 diocese leave this year.

Update 4:

oops, i did get that backwords.

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    No, I think lazy people like a church like the Mormons. You just do what they say & they make sure your educations is paid for & it is like a mind control place....the Episcopal church is like the church I go to as a matter of fact I don't go to a church, it is now called a spiritual center. We just come as we feel drawn to come in & go other places when he don't feel called there. So when you know you have to go to church & you have to give a certain amount of money you are going to do it..with the Episcopal church you are not forced so while you heart may be with them you body may be else where...I think we are just going through a phase right is so important for people to get steamed up about this gay issue (no pun intented). I think if things would have worked out by now then many people would not become as connected to the importance of this issue. So while it hard to have patience & understanding & faith right now for gays & their supporters, it is all going to work out...they need to affirm their trust that it is all in perfect divine right order. If this is done with the force that is now required it will be better than if it was done with this haters hidden waiting to pounce on them later. When this gets done it is going to be done is a way that will be stronger than before so there is a gift in what is going on right now.

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    If this were purely a civil rights issue, then the church wouldn't have gotten involved at all. The issue concerning same-sex marriage, however, is not simply a civil issue. It touches on fundamental Christian beliefs, which makes it a moral problem...and a church has every right to get involved in a problem they believe offends or at least concerns God. In any case, though, the Mormon church didn't spend any tithing money on this cause. Tithing money only goes towards upkeep of buildings and the like (not even to salaries). Members donated privately, but when the tallies were made, those private donations all went under the heading of the LDS (Mormon) church. That being the case, this question is a bit moot.

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    It is the SIN we disagree with, and the issues it brings into society. The consequences of gay marriage will effect me and my religion and we see those effects already in MA. If you want to live together, that's your business, and I am fine with legal rights for those living together (such as civil unions). Why do you have to force me to condone what I believe is a sin? You have the "right" to live together, the "right" to civil unions why are you trying to CHANGE the definition of marriage? I don't have to agree with you in order to like or love or get along with you. And if asked what I think (as in a vote) I will vote what I think is right. That's democracy.

    And maybe the LDS church is growing so fast because it doesn't cater to the whims of the people, or bend under political pressure, but continues to follow its leader Jesus Christ.

    EDIT: I think you got your words mixed up. The mormons do not CONDON (as in agree with) gay marriage.

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    "The claim that Mormonism is the fastest-growing faith in the world has been repeated so routinely by sociologists, anthropologists, journalists and proud Latter-day Saints as to be perceived as unassailable fact.

    The trouble is, it isn't true."

    In July 2005 the Salt Lake Tribune ran a series of articles on the changing demographics in Utah and the growth of the Mormon church. Excerpts from an article in the series, by Peggy Fletcher Stack (who is Mormon BTW):

    "Today, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has more than 12 million members on its rolls, more than doubling its numbers in the past quarter-century. But since 1990, other faiths - Seventh-day Adventists, Assemblies of God and Pentecostal groups - have grown much faster and in more places around the globe.

    And most telling, the number of Latter-day Saints who are considered active churchgoers is only about a third of the total, or 4 million in the pews every Sunday, researchers say.

    According to LDS-published statistics, the annual number of LDS converts declined from a high of 321,385 in 1996 to 241,239 in 2004. In the 1990s, the church's growth rate went from 5 percent a year to 3 percent.

    By comparison, the Seventh-day Adventist Church reports it has added more than 900,000 adult converts each year since 2000 (an average growth of about 5 percent), bringing the total membership to 14.3 million. The Assemblies of God now claims more than 50 million members worldwide, adding 10,000 new members every day.

    The 2001 American Religious Identification Survey conducted by the Graduate Center of the City University of New York showed that about the same number of people said they had left the LDS Church as said they had joined it. The CUNY survey reported the church's net growth was zero percent. By contrast, the study showed both Jehovah's Witnesses and Seventh-Day Adventists with an increase of 11 percent."

    Even in Utah, the historical stronghold of the LDS Church, the Mormon domination is starting to slip. According to the 2004 count, Utah is now 62.4 percent LDS with every county showing a decrease.

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    I believe there are several reason for the demise of the Episcopal Church. The primary reason is that they do not preach the truth, that salvation is by the grace of God not by our own works. The second reason is that they ordain women priests. And the third reason is because they ordain gay priests and bishops. The forth reason is that they support gay marriage. And they use their own watered down version of the Bible.

    Add: Some more reasons - They don't believe the Bible and they have made God into their own image. They believe that a loving God would not make just one way to get to Heaven so they believe that you can get to Heaven either by faith or by good works even though that is contrary to what the Bible says. They have made God into what they think He should be.

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    You have it backwards, the LDS church condones same sex unions, not same sex marriages.


    MX277- Mormons have nothing wrong with birth control. family size and use of BC is up to the individual copule.

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    I've known many Mormons throughout my life. None of them were "haters of gays".

    Just because you've been exposed to the "bad" Mormons, don't go sticking every other Mormon into that hateful group.

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    Mormons do a LOT of outreach, missionary work. They also tend to have large families. The Episcopal church does not do much outreach and they are fine with birth control so they don't tend to have as many children.

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    Whoa! The Mormon church does not condone same sex anything!

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    Is ECUSA shrinking? Do you have figures to back that up, or are you just pulling statistics out of your ****?

    Anglicanism has always been a minority interest in the US, ever since the Revolutionary War. Nevertheless, its influence has always been disproportionate to its size, and it has frequently been in the moral vanguard in all manner of social and political issues, being vindicated by history time and again. I suspect the same will happen in this case.

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