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Ihave oil painted walls,I cleaned with deglosser............?

I am painting the inside of my cupboards and it was oil based painted. I cleaned the walls with deglosser and painted on a coat of latex paint and it still looks weird. Can I put a coat of oil based primer over the color that I have painted on already to seal it?

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  • brian
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    1 decade ago
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    yes you can use an oil based primer over what you have done but before you do that give everything a sand first, wash and let dry before applying your primer. alot of the paint companies now say they have a water based primer or a bonding primer that will work just as well but they don't. if it was me i would be doing an oil finish coat again especially for what you are doing but because of the high VOC's in alkyd paints they will soon be band throughout north america. it is most likely going to happen here in Canada in the next year or so. to be on the safe side for anyone in the future it will be best to apply 1 - 2 coats of alkyd primer and then your water based paint. please make sure you give a light sand between every coat and if you are painting your cupboards any kind of a colour get the primer tinted to the same as your finish coat and if you haven't bought your paint yet don't buy it from a box store their products are garbage. spend the extra couple of dollars and get it from a local paint store such as benjamin moore or pratt and lambert or if you want the best buy farrow and ball.

    Source(s): professional painter for 25 years
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