why is san diego gething a bad rap?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    How do you mean?

    Sure San Diego is a great city, but it does have it's down side(s) too:

    The budget is a wreck -- the city should probably declare bankruptcy ... and may actually have to.

    The city doesn't have a winning sports team, no matter how hard they try!

    The streets are a wreck; some have potholes the size of car tires and (if you think back to my first "down side") the city doesn't have the money to fix said streets. As well, trash & sanitation are out of control and there is no money to control that issue either. Who wants to look at trash and gang tags everywhere?

    People can be exceedingly beneficent and appallingly rude by turns.

    We have a "cross" on a hill in a city that commemorates the ultimate sacrifice made by soldiers of the Korean War (and other wars as well), but there's ONE schmuck who wants to have the cross taken down because he's an ATHEIST and it offends him.

    If he can't stand it SO much that he has to tie up THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of the nearly-bankrupt city's dollars in litigation, then he should just move the f*ck away!

    That situation alone (which even my husband's relatives in Minnesota have heard about!) is giving the city a black eye!

    The housing market is miserable. My husband and I can't even hope to own a house even though we're practically paying a mortgage in rent as it is!

    Traffic SUCKS. I grew up here, and remember a time not so long ago when it did NOT take a half an hour to drive 5 miles anyplace ... even during "rush hour" and certainly not on the freeway!

    The homeless population is getting a bit out of control. While that's not the city's fault exactly, it IS still a problem...and a blight on the city and it's image.

    I could go on and on pointing out why -- in my opinion -- the city could be getting a bad rap, but I think if you look around, pay attention to city politics and events in general you might figure it out for yourself.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well, the people are generally rude especially on the roads and in public places. Nearly every teenage boy I see has to prove that he is tougher by staring you down or trying to start a fight....or they have to prove that their car is faster by cutting you off on the freeway.

    The crime rate seems to be getting higher by the day. I've had my car broken into repeatedly in a "decent" area.

    Graffiti and litter cover much of the city. No one who lives here seems to give a crap about the city.

    You can't spend a day at Mission or Pacific beach without being asked for money by 10 people.

    Don't get me wrong, I loke San Diego and have lived here for quite a ling time. But I have to admit, when I go visit places less populated like Texas, Nebraska, or Michigan it is unbelievable how much nicer people are and how much safer it is. Honestly- name one place in San Diego that you can leave your car unlocked overnight and not worry about.

    It's no wonder that when people form those places visit San Diego they think SD is disgusting.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    the only reason I can think of is the high cost of housing / rent.

    other than that San Diego is a very nice town

    of course "less populated" parts of the country are safer and more polite.

    but when you compare San Diego to other large cities we do very well.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    too many complainers, not enough doers

    too many homeless

    too many illegals

    too little common sense

    too much apathy

    too many people just looking to make a quick buck off tourism, like any tourist town

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Because you keep posting crap!

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