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How much money goes into making an animated movie?

You know for like "Cars" or "Wall-e"? I need to know for one of my school projects. I know it depends on the project but like what's an average?

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    Each film is different, so the costs will vary, but this should give you some idea:

    "No Pixar film has ever bombed. Ratatouille cost $150 million to make, plus another $50 million (for the sake of argument) for promotions. It made $204 million in domestic box office, plus another $271.8 million internationally. That's $474.8 million on a $200 million investment.

    That's more money than Cars, Pixar's previous offering,ever made in theatres. That film pulled $244 domestically, plus $217 million overseas for a $463 million total.

    Ratatouille has also toppled Monsters Inc. as Pixar's third-highest foreign earner ($270 million). Analysts now predict that Ratatouille will make $300 million overseas before it finishes its theatrical run."

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    Because Hollywood is about making money and whilst it makes money it will be made. They're up to what Police Academy 89 - Geriatrics on Patrol?

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