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Do you recommend Wealthy Affiliate?

I visited and scanned through what the program offers. As as a monthly subscriber for $30 per month, you get Internet marketing training & tools, website development training & tools, monthly PLR articles, personal coaching, and membership forum.

I am familiar with the PLR articles as I joined a free-trial membership of another website. Their PLR content were so general with not much thought put into it with no expertise. It looks like anyone could have written them. Do you recommend going this PLR route to make money off of the Internet? Also, describe the PLR articles and the website templates of

Tell me about your success or failure from Do you recommend it? Do you like their program? How much money are you making or did you make? Is it recommended for beginners or only more experienced marketers?

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    inever used that program but no comaplaints from others

    if they truly give you a mentor , caoaching thats a pro for only $30 a month then yes i say do it

    better to learn how to market then get scammed from scammers and 81% of junk is 100% scams

    at least with wealthy affilaite you get YOUR business going by selling others programs or whatever

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    I am a complete newbie to this but I have searched online for months. I never buy anything and hate all the "get rich quick" schemes. I also am a horrible writer. I do have a retail website (online store selling scrapbook supplies) that I have had for 11 years, but am interested in more, and felt Internet Marketing may be a new venture for me.

    So, after months of research I did join wealthy affiliate recently.

    My personal review is yes it is worth it from a newbie perspective. There is an 8 week training course which explains everything to do step by step, there are pre built website templates to use, forums that give the most amazing support by other members, the owners do offer one on one coaching, there are tons of reading materials, tools to help you, a share zone that other members create step by step instructions on how to do things, website builder-which is extremely easy to use and free hosting, search utilities , and so much more I can't even list them all. There are no additional fees at all.

    I had planned to join for one month and quit if I did not find what I needed or if it were a scam, I plan on staying another month. I did not join the yearly membership yet, but may in the future as I do believe the information and what can be done with what they offer is definately worth it.

    As far as PLR content, there is alot of information on how to use article marketing, but I did join another site for PLR content as again, right now, I just am not very good at my own content writing. But both sites, Weathy Affiliate and the PLR site I joined does offer massive amounts of help with content.

    I know there are tons of PLR Sites out there and tons of affiliate info and pay for this or that sites. But for me, these two were the best options. They may not be for you, but it is worth a look.

    You can visit the wealthy affiliate site which gives tons of information on what they include in their membership. Again, I am completely new at this and I find that it is do-able for a newbie and the content and help they provide is more than worth the monthly cost. (and I can cancel at any time-which is a plus) if it didn't work out for me which I don't see happening any time soon.

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