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Anonymous asked in Business & FinanceOther - Business & Finance · 1 decade ago

Do you recommend Wealthy Affiliate?

I visited and scanned through what the program offers. As as a monthly subscriber for $30 per month, you get Internet marketing training & tools, website development training & tools, monthly PLR articles, personal coaching, and membership forum.

I am familiar with the PLR articles as I joined a free-trial membership of another website. Their PLR content were so general with not much thought put into it with no expertise. It looks like anyone could have written them. Do you recommend going this PLR route to make money off of the Internet? Also, describe the PLR articles and the website templates of

Tell me about your success or failure from Do you recommend it? Do you like their program? How much money are you making or did you make? Is it recommended for beginners or only more experienced marketers?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I joined Wealthy Affiliate about 6 months ago and I am still a paying member. The creators (Kyle and Carson) have done a tremendous job, but I really have to take my hat off to the members there on the forums. Its pretty cool when Kyle or Carson answer your questions on the forums, but whats really cool is being able to talk to people, like you or me, that have used wealthy affiliate and are making thousands of dollars every month. You wont get that anywhere else.

    You spoke about the PLR articles and how the prior program that you were involved in was pretty poor. Your not likely to see much poor material at WA. Kyle and Carson offer a lot of information in that area, not to mention all the members who offer their little tips on how to better market their PLR articles for maximum profit.

    The website templates are great, download, edit, and upload into your ftp and your website is up and running. But, what I think is more important is their "site rubix". Its a website creator that is literally click and drag type of creator and the quality is superb. Also, there is a ftp program attached to the site rubix making downloading the coding onto the domain a breeze.

    I'm not going to lie to you, Affiliate Marketing is a business like any other. Your going to have difficulties in the beginning, and if your willing to learn and build up through the difficult, then your on your way to great success. Wealthy Affiliate will help you along the way, one baby step at a time. Whether your an expert, or a beginner, you'll find that Wealthy Affiliate can help you

    I wish you success and good luck.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    The Wealthy Affiliate program is amazing and i have to say it saved my life. When i went through an accident and lost my job due to my injury i was very happy to come by Wealthy Affiliate. They gave me all the tools to start my own website and even provided me with lessons to grow my business. Now i make more than i ever could have imagined from my website. I was even able get rid of my hospital bills. The creators Kyle and Carson are amazing people!!!

    If you want to make an account i heard that they have a free 7 day account for you to check it out.

    This link will bring you where you want to be to take advantage of your free 7 day trial account and many more benefits you'll learn latter on!!!!

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