Mock Trial Help! Need 3 Precedent Cases! PLEASE HELP!?

Hello, I am having a major problem with a school project I am working on. We were assigned a case that had a major impact on civil rights in our nation. We must also find 3 precedent (Prior cases that have an influence on the ruling of the current trial). The case I am working on is: University Of California Regents V. Bakke 438 U.S. 265 (1978). This is a particularly hard case because this is one of the first case dealing with civil rights that focuses on the concept of affirmative action. If anyone knows or can find at least one precedent case it would help me out so much. Thank you :)

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    Franks v. Bowman Transportation Co., 424 U. S. 747, 424 U. S. 772

    Ashwander v. TVA, 297 U. S. 288, 297 U. S. 346-348 (1936)

    Cort v. Ash, 422 U. S. 66, 422 U. S. 78

    McGoldrick v. Companie Generale Transatlantique, 309 U. S. 430, 309 U. S. 434-435 (1940

    Massachusetts v. Westcott, 431 U. S. 322 (1977

    Cardinale v. Louisiana, 394 U. S. 437, 394 U. S. 439 (1969)

    Singleton v. Wulff, 428 U. S. 106, 428 U. S. 121 (1976)

    Lau v. Nichols, 414 U. S. 563, 414 U. S. 571 n. 2 (1974)

    Towne v. Eisner, 245 U. S. 418, 245 U. S. 425 (1918)

    Train v. Colorado Public Interest Research Group, 426 U. S. 1, 426 U. S. 10 (1976)

    Train v. Colorado Public Interest Research Group, 426 U. S. 1, 426 U. S. 10 (1976)

    Missouri ex rel. Gaines v. Canada, 305 U. S. 337 (1938

    Sipuel v. Board of Regents, 332 U. S. 631 (1948)

    Sweatt v. Painter, 339 U. S. 629 (1950)

    McLaurin v. Oklahoma State Regents, 339 U. S. 637 (1950)

    Hirabayashi v. United States, 320 U. S. 81 (1943)

    Korematsu v. United States, 323 U. S. 214 (1944); Lee v. Washington, 390 U. S. 333, 390 U. S. 334 (1968) (Black, Harlan, and STEWART, JJ., concurring); United Jewish Organizations v. Carey, 430 U. S. 144 (1977

    United States v. Carolene Products Co., 304 U. S. 144, 304 U. S. 152 n. 4 (1938)

    Oh, just look at

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    I am going to go out on a limb here and assume your either in law school or a paralegal program at a university, if that's the case then you should have access to westlaw or similar legal research program, do a search for the case you cited above and you can search for related cases or just type in affirmative action and then narrow the results down by year or topic.

    If you don't have a legal research program, go to cornell university's web sight, they have many legal cases that you can access for free, I used it a lot when I was in legal research classes and couldn't afford a service.

    Lots of luck.

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    If you read the case decision in YOUR case, it will make reference to all relevant precedent cases.

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