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We are looking after a akita and shes not eating?

We have looked after this akita before and she has always been fine, this time the owner went on holiday and gave us the dog to look after for 2 weeks then her daughter up until christmas, but the daughter couldn't cope so she us back the dog to look after,when we got her back shes lost weight a little but shes still healthy, as the Doctor told us before she needed to loose weight.

Anyway now the dog has been eating more grass and she just spewed up yellow stuff today and lately she won't eat all of her food but shes been eating human food fine. We have been getting so worried and well last night she skipped a meal and won't eat, she loves that dog food, she drinks plenty of water and well something must have happened to her at the daughters house for her to be like this, if it carry's on we will have to take her to the vets, but i was just wondering if anyone had an idea help

Also she should ahve settled it has been a week i don't if its becasue she has been moved all over the place


shes been eating her food for the week only leaves a bit its only since yesterday she skipped a meal hope this clears it up for you

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    Please don't waste any more time guessing what could be wrong with the dog. She may have gotten into something outside that is toxic or that is blocking her intestinal tract. You agreed to be responsible for her, so please take her to the vet and make sure it is not serious. Being off her feed for a day is one thing, but this is a week now, so something is obviously wrong!

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    That yellow stuff she is throwing up is Bile.

    The reason she is eating grass in the first place is to induce vomiting.

    Dogs won't intentionally starve themselves. It's not that she is yearning for human food, it is a physical problem.

    Your dog is sick. She needs to go to the vet asap.

    My best guess is that your dog consumed something she shouldn't have. Either that or her normal food was all of a sudden switched which can result in stomach problems.

    An animals food must always be switched gradually. I know many people don't follow this rule, but sometimes it can have serious effects on your dog.

    So please, take your dog to the vet. =)

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