Can I find a slipcover?

I have an oversized Chaise Chair. I was going to have it re-upholstered, but can't quite afford it right now. I was thinking of getting it slipcovered instead. Is there a place that would have a slipcover for it? I was hoping to find a slipcover with a lovely floral pattern.


Thanks for the great answers! I will check out e-bay and surefit! :-)

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    Surefit Slipcovers can help you with this, no matter what size your chair is, and they have lovely floral slipcovers. They tell you exactly how to measure your chair to get the proper slipcover for it. I have used their services many, many times when staging homes to sell.

    Here's the link:

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    Try ebay. I know someone who found one there for a really decent price.

  • Fran J
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    sometimes shopko sales them so does walmart.also try ebay or even a furniture store. good luck

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