In oblivion Elder Scrolls IV. How do I find Gray Fox?

Methredel won't find me and i've waited for like two days in the same spot!

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    I'm not sure where you are in the thieves guild story line, but for some of the later thieves guild quests, he tells you he will 'let you know' when he needs your help again. The best place to wait is in the imperial city. Eventually she should come up and tell you that the gray fox is waiting for you. If this isn't what you're asking, give us more information like (if you're on a quest) what quest.

    EDIT: Also, you may need to sell more stolen goods to your fence before the Gray Fox will send someone to get you. So check your quests journal and see.

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    You have to complete all the Thieves Guild quests. He will appear when you get towards the end of the side quests. To start the side quests, speak to a begger and give him a lot of money by using the "bribe" option. Then ask about Gray Fox and they will tell you that you can find someone who could help you find him after midnight at the location where you purchase that first shack called a house by the water outside the Imperial Marketplace. Look for a guy hold a torch surrounded by like 2 other people.

    Source(s): I've done it tons of times.
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    I know. After becoming the Gray Fox, they don't mark your fences. Stupid. Anyways, he's in the city. He walks around, but I've seen him around the Market District or temple District, sometimes. Just wait around there and look for a Dark (blue) Elf man with that elfy, blue, swept-back, baldy-like hair. He likes wearing expensive, red clothes. What is it, red suede? It consists of red, purple, and some white colors. Mostly red. And his name is Fathis Ules, something around those lines. I also think his house might be in the Market district. Just guessing. Otherwise, look for his house around the Temple District more. I don't think he stays home a lot, though. You can try. Hope I was a bit of help.

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    Go to the Oblivion wiki, just google Oblivion wiki and it'll pop up.

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