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Should George W. Bush be put on trial as a war criminal?

Should George W. Bush be put on trial as a war criminal for the invasion and/or subsequent war in Iraq? Please check the link below before answering and please give your country.


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    Although unfortunate, facts do point to the Bush administration's excesses (which is a mild expression going by the magnitude of the loss of valuable resources especially human life) in terms of the war crimes committed and positively qualify to be put on trial for the injustices.

    Consider eyeballing info on the following link:


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    George has a case to answer: yes he should be put on trial; following incarceration and torture in Gitmo.// WMD a lie.

    The people of The US deserve an accounting for their dead soldiers.

    Source(s): Irish Collie
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    If any of this is authentic, screw the Swiss morons and their "international court docket". Their "international court docket" has no jurisdiction over Bush or any American Citizen who does not bypass to Switzerland and break any of its "rules". Screw Geneva to boot. extra advantageous yet - the subsequent time there's a international conflict in Europe, i'm hoping this time Switzerland gets its azz trampled on particularly of being exempt because of the fact of each and all of the Rothchild's gold being held there and their headquarters for international banking operations.

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    yes he shud be done dat.i have seen many youtube videos on bush which are banned interviews.he tried to escape in dat vidoes by not giving da exact answer of the given question.


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    you got to watch dis videoit's intrsting.he tried to cover all his mistakes in consequences on iraq,afghanistan and many more

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  • 1 decade ago

    My answer would be no. All president's have made unpopular choices however later in time you find out the reason why, good or bad.

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    1 decade ago

    I would say no, many voted along with him on his awful decisions

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