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Single-->Is there a placement indicating this in our charts?

Is there a particular placement in our charts that indicates that we will be "single" forever and never love or marry anyone? If so, what is it?

If I knew a head of time, I'd just travel the world and really enjoy life to fullest and quit wasting my time dating.

Libra Sun, Venus Scorpio, Aquarius Moon, Taurus Rising

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    No there isn't. There are placements which show that relationships will not be important to us (no planets in 5th, 7th or 8th houses) or that they'll bring difficulties (saturn, neptune, pluto in the above houses especially conjunct descendant or in difficult aspect to venus) but none which show we will be single all our lives

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    The 12th is usually associated with the sign Pisces, and of all the houses, it seems a strong bias negative is emphasized without really looking at what could be positive. The nicest thing I've ever seen written about planets in the 12th is the possibility that the person may work great in seclusion, such as being a detective, novelist, or researcher. If a person has several 12th house planets, it's hard to read anything about it without coming away with the feeling that there's going to be a nervous breakdown, strait jackets and a few years in prison. From a karmic point of view, I see it as being what we can't fully consciously remember from some previous type of existence, and the transition of what we've brought, and don't remember, early in our development after birth. I think it's where and how we learn to control our fears, and rid ourselves of the self-limiting insecurities that hold us back.

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    Good answers...i just want to add that if the ruler of your 7th house have hard aspects to other Planets (Specially Saturn and Uranus) then this also may indicate hardships in Love.

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    Billy Budd is correct. Wanted to ad that Venus, 7th or 5th with hard aspects to Saturn can also show this propensity.

    You can find your aspects at www.astro.com. They also give free interpretations there to help you sort them out.

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    No single life forever indicated.

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