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ATHEISTS, do you think that GAY marriage is the reason for the fires in CALIFORNIA ?

You know in California, home of Yahoo. =) There has been some

serious social issues going on there. Now we have here, a state that

use to allow gay marriage under the law. Many people agree that

there should be a seperation of church and state. And some agree

that the Constitution is now being violated daily. If people want to

get married and is gay, then they should be allowed to do so right ?

Well not really. It is immoral because it goes against the laws of

nature, and degrades the sanctity of marriage. No two people of the

same sex can conceive a child. It is impossible !! So why elope ?

You bring the child into a corrupt institution and they may be subject

to a hate crime themselves or persecution. And it also impairs their

judgment, and you are basically telling them, it is ok to be gay.

That is wrong. Now with that being said. There are some major

wildfires going on in California. And it is like that of Armageddon. Over

1000 homes gone, up in flames. Do you think that this happened

because of the lifestyle, of gay marriage ? And is this because of

the Wrath of God ?

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    well, now that propostion 6, I think that's what it's called, passed, the fires should stop. :)

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    If you really want to draw a causal relationship here, consider that the proposition passed and only after that did the fires start. If you really think there's a link, you would have to argue that your god is punishing people for not allowing gay marriage.

    Personally, I thought the fires had more to do with a low-level thermocline over the southern valleys, dry land air coming down from the mountains during the fall and winter, continuing heat due to latitude, and flammable chemicals in leaves of the naturally-occurring brush.

    I also have many odd memories that center around the idea that these wildfires have existed for many, many years before this whole Proposition 8 nonsense.

    But, maybe these local climatological factors are just fantasies cooked up by scientists who study the area, and maybe my memories are just all wrong. But, it makes me very curious as to why aren't there wildfires in Massachusetts. If you're correct, it should be a land of ash by now.

  • Maybe your god was angry that people are so bigoted against some of his creatures that they would deny rights to loving adult couples and is punishing you for your cruelty, did you ever think of that? Did you ever think that maybe your god made some people gay as a test--for the believers? And if so, you have failed that test miserably.

    Naaaah, fires happen in California all the time, and it has nothing to do with any "god" and everything to do with low humidity, high temperatures, and vegetation for burning. There's probably not a god at all.

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    "No two people of the same sex can conceive a child. It is impossible !!"

    There are many heterosexual couples who are physically unable to conceive a child. Are they going to hell, too? Is it wrong for them to be together and get married? No, of course not.

    It IS ok to be gay. It doesn't hurt anyone. It's people like you who would subject a child to hate crime or persecution, not their gay parents.

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    People's ignorance is stunning sometimes...

    There is no "law of nature;" there hasn't been any sanctity of marriage in AGES (high divorce rates, television shows where people play for marriage, etc.), and marriage isn't about having children.

    Impairing judgment = brainwashing your poor children to hate. Hate is not a born-into emotion, it is taught. Teaching your children to hate the things you do is immoral.

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    I"m a Christian, not an atheist. But no, I don't believe that. Wildfires are a normal part of that ecosystem. Nature is doing what it always has. It was unwise to build in that area without removing the brush that is so dry and ready to burn.

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    "It is immoral because it goes against the laws of

    nature, and degrades the sanctity of marriage"

    - Google gay animals, and then see if you can honestly tell me it goes against the "laws of nature"

    - only marraige defined as certain religions. Polygamous, incestuous, and gay marraiges were common practice far before one man one woman became the norm.

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    Why would an atheist believe that there was any special relation between gay marriage and fires or that they were caused by a wrathful entity they either don't believe in or don't believe exists?

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    against the laws of nature? that's funny. unless you're living in a cave about 98% of the things you do in life are against nature. you drive a car, you use a computer, you eat hot food. tell me, how many of these things occur naturally? now as for the fires. they occur everywhere. are we to take it that anytime something bad happens, it's god's wrath? i thought god doesn't interfere anymore. can you fundamentalists make up your minds?

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    Come on man! That is a ridiculous idea. There is no god, the cause of the fires is clear and has been happening since the beginning of time.

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    The wildfires were caused by Prop 8.

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