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Don't you think in-vitro fertilization is immoral since we have a million abortions p/y AND overpopulation?

Why not just consolidate?

There is something really seedy about invitro doctors and abortionists, I think they are birds of a feather,

in the baby making/killing industry. Sick and unethical, really.

Where is the ethical question and the outrage.

(I'm an atheist, so don't bother me with Jesus crap)

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    I think In-Vitro is more selfish than immoral. I do however, agree with how you reference your to it as "the baby making/killing industry" being sick and unethical.

    And do you have to jab at me with that last part? I tend to agree or agree to disagree with some of my atheist friends, with out having to jab at them, or they at me.

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    I don't understand your logic, but I will try to answer this question.

    If a woman wants a baby (the key word being WANTS), nothing will stop her. She will do anything, resort to any procedure, be tested and tested again, use any sort of drug to achieve that goal.

    If a woman does not want a baby, nothing will stop her either. If she cannot attain an abortion, she might resort to behaviors that will hurt the baby in the long run, such as abusing drugs, drinking, not getting proper pre-natal care, etc, even to the point of abandoning that baby shortly after birth.

    I don't see fertility doctors and those who perform abortions working together in any sense of the word.

    However, and I say this as a woman who had some fertility issues, there is no law, nor is it written into the constitution that a woman is entitled to have a baby. There are women who will mortgage their homes, even get second mortgages to pay for the procedures that might guarantee them a child. Those procedures are very expensive, often not covered by insurance, but when there is that desire to have a child, your own child, people will go to extremes.

    In a perfect world, if a woman does not want a child, she would have access to contraception so she will not conceive. In a perfect world, if a woman has an unwanted pregnancy, she would be able to either terminate or put the child up for adoption. Unfortunately, we are also getting into some other issues as the shortage of cute, little white babies and that is what a lot of parents want to adopt, not those little black and brown "ghetto" babies.

    There are too many issues to get into based on your question, but I think you are misguided on this one.

  • Interesting logic. Those who help to create life are 'of a feather' with those who take life.

    No, but the solution to the problem is not to support the killing of a million children every year.

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    initially, no longer all circumstances requiring IVF are because of lady aspects. each and every from time to time MALE aspects (alongside with sperm immobility) require that IVF be executed. so that you'll't say that *all* of those women are unnaturally forcing their bodies to have toddlers. Secondly, i have self assurance VERY FIRMLY that if God doesn't want a woman to have a baby, she will be able to no longer. it really is in basic terms no longer plausible to face up to God's will. we may be able to (and commonly do) ruin His commandments -- yet there is no longer someone alive who has ever executed some thing that God did not enable him or her to do. extra, you would possibly want to judge the actual undeniable truth that one and all IVF tries aren't any further helpful -- in Canada, the IVF fulfillment fee is only 27%; contained in the U. S., it really is between 27% and 40 2% reckoning on the female's age. those aren't any further very encouraging figures, pretty once you consider that each and each and every attempt expenditures a minimum of $12,000! those dismal charges really help the concept God has actively prevented a number of those women from conceiving. back, i do no longer have self assurance that is plausible to frustrate God's will, so if some women conceive, that is information that God has no longer determined they are going to not in any respect supply beginning.

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    People don't abort babies believing their baby will not be adopted...

    And there are ethical issues with that and they come from the same place as most anti-abortion supporters come from, the religious sect...

    It just doesn't have the same impact negative as abortion...killing a baby, creating a baby...but many churches deem it immoral nonetheless

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    no- luckily in our country people can choose to have a baby or not. if neither of those professions existed, imagine the heartbreak in millions of people's lives. The overpopulation of the world is not due to people having more babies, but to an increase in the over all longevity in human's lives. People just are not dying as quickly as they used to.

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    A lot of progress goes against so called "ethics". Technologically, we could never move forward if we didn't scientifically investigate things just because a small group of people find it unethical.

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    I advised my son to get a vasectomy at 22 years old after he got his GF pregnant** and she miscarried. My reason to him is this, if he can afford to get it reversed or artificial insemination, then he can probably afford to raise a child properly.

    **Their chosen method of birth control failed as do about half of all unwanted pregnancies. They have since split up.




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    Good point. One would think the Pro-lifers would jump on that - but they don't offer a solution, just the problem.

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    No, this country is not over-populated and the abortions are what is immoral not the in-vitro..

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