Are we still together ?

Are we still together ?

Here's the deal, I'm in a relationship with someone I've known for 11 years. We've had the most amazing connection and she has gone so far as to define all of the important things we share and that make us compatible. The relationship has been going on for about 3 months and we just had a huge fight. I'm told that I disrespected her by telling a distasteful joke in public. Also, when she yelled at me, I snapped and that has upset her. Now, she's telling me that we are moving too fast, she's stress overloaded, needs time to think, and doesn't need me disrespecting her. I have no idea how to tell if we are split up or not. She still has things at my house, as well as, a key but she has made no attempt to contact me at all in the past week since the fight. The other thing is that she just recently filed for divorce last month so I truly have no idea how to take all of this and I do not want to make any more mistakes.

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    1 decade ago
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    When you talked about her divorce I was thinking "no wonder." Now is not the time to try a relationship because she's confused as hell. Wait for her to do her own thing, then when she finalizes the divorce, then start thinking about trying again.

    She needs some space because divorces can get pretty messy.

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    Maybe call her and ask if she'd like to meet up and have a chat?

    She might be feeling stressed and overwrought because of the divorce. Divorces can remind people about how someone they really loved once and were in a relationship with, and how it broke down and was ruined.

    She's probably a little scared and edgy. Give her support and time, but most of all talk to her!

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