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who was the winnner of the fall 01 nascar winston cup race at dover downs?

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    It was Dale Jr. He had an American flag on his trunk lid with I(heart)NY bumper stickers on each side of the flag. His crew also put a volleyball with Wilsons face on it (from the movie Cast Away) in the car without Jr knowing. During the race thet radioed him to reach back and feel for something, that's when he found out about it and the crew explained why it was there. It was because Jr had been saying that when he was out there (racing) he felt alone, like Tom Hanks in the movie cast away. It was because he missed racing with his father, missed seeing that black #3 on the track like so many of us did also. When he won he did a victory lap holding a huge American flag (big enough to cover his entire roof of the car). I don't know how he could hold on to it and drive.

    Source(s): Was there, have it on tape, have the Diecast "Race win version" that comes with a minature Wilson.
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    Dale Earnhardt Jr. First win for him at Dover

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    1 decade ago

    I think it was Dale Jr

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  • 1 decade ago

    dale jr!

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