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Chicken VS. Egg(which came first)?

Im doing a research project on what came first. The chicken or the egg. What came first and give explanation please. :-)

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    chicken came first because every living thing on earth used to look like cells type creature and cells dont lay eggs they just multiply .

  • Loaded question. And is the egg even a chicken egg? I can't really give a good answer or explanation.

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    The chicken. Genesis 1:21

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    the chicken. the chicken needs to keep the egg warm so it could hatch

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    maybe the first egg was laid by..........homo sapiens nah of course not we humans,.not so sure why not go and ask the chicken

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  • The bloke, or so my mother told me.

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    what is it with u ppl!!!

    u knw bailey...u needn't hav asted ur points...

    100s of people hav asked this question b4 u...

    i remember answering it atleast 10 times!!!

    who on earth cares what came first nyway???

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    chicken.....DUH...actualy im nt sure...ask god..god will noe...we dont..lmao

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