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What table centerpieces shall I have?


I know most people have flowers for the table centerpieces, but I was thinking of having something a bit different to the norm. Any ideas on what I can have?

Thank you. :)

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    You should do an edible centerpiece, something made of fruit or candy that the guests can nibble on while they're at their tables. There's a store called Edible Arrangements that actually make "bouquets" of different types of fruits. It looks really beautiful like a flower bouquet, but it is all edible and really cool. Either that or you could do "cookie bouquets," which would look fun and then the guests could actually take the cookies home as favors.

    I'm doing candy centerpieces- I'm just having a real chill little reception at a Mexican restaurant, so my centerpieces are just big margarita glasses filled with M&M's, with crazy straws and drink umbrellas sticking out of them. Fun!

    Here are the websites to Edible Arrangements and the cookie bouquet place, in case you'd like to see what they have.

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    your centerpieces ought to be your wedding ceremony favors in a incredibly basket. in case you like vegetation attempt something specific like sunflowers in a horn of a lot variety vase. i individually hate having to communicate over/around some great tall centerpiece. you extremely have assorted very Halloween/fall fix issues you ought to artwork with . understanding your topic or shade options ought to get you some extra particular solutions. good success and get inventive.

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    Well, I'd have to have an idea of what your theme is first. My friend had a Hawaii theme at her wedding and she did straw hats with sand around them and a lay kinda spread over it. They looked awesome! :D

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    My fiancee grandparents just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and she gave me their center pieces. She got cake toppers. They are really pretty. They are bells with flowers. Cake toppers are an idea. So we are using cake toppers to be different.

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    I have never seen pretty decorative bells as a centerpiece.

    Not just wedding bells, but pretty bells of any kind.

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    Look at their photos of receptions. They have tons of photos and unique ideas.

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    I have seen candles??

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