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Patterns of Infidelity?

Is it true that children of unfaithful parents are more prone to cheating? If so, please state your opinion.


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    I think infidelity is a choice. My father was an alcoholic who cheated on my mom repeatedly. All of us kids were aware of it. I have been married 30 years and NEVER even considered cheating. I don't drink either. To my knowledge, my sister has never cheated on her husband in their 40 years of marriage. My brother is a whole different story since he has continued in our fathers footsteps but I still think it was his choice.

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    i think so!

    my dad cheated on my mom all through my younger life and just felt it was apart of life. in past relationships ive cheated on boyfriends plenty of times and felt no remorse for what i did.

    although im a true beleiver in karma and what goes around come around. in my current relationship i wouldnt even consider cheating, i love him too much, so i dont think they saying " once a cheater, always a cheater" is true!

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    yes and no. yes because they have been conditioned to it. it is normalized.

    no because if the cheated on parent was destroyed, the child might vow to never do that to another

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    I would agree... That is the pattern that is being taught to them. However, it is still their choice.

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