I bought my son an xbox 360 for christmas. I am not sure what I need for him to play xbox live. ?

I bought the 360 bundle with 60 mg. I have a wireless router in our house already so all computers are online. Is this all I need for him to play? Or do I need a special one for xbox? I was going to get him the 12 +1 month gold subscription of xbox live. Any advice is helpful as I want him to play the day he gets it. Thanks

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    they sell an xbox wireless receiver its 99.99 in us dollars

    and when u sign up for live it gives u 1 free month on gold

    then u just need a game that allows online multiplayer

    depending on how old ur son is Halo is the best online game but if he is younger most sports games have live and a lot of them are rated E.

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    Get him the xbox live gold 12+1 card, but you'll also need to pick up the wireless network adapter for the xbox 360 if you want to have him go wireless with it. He can plug an ethernet cable into the back of the 360 run from your router but wireless will cost you an extra $100.

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    What you need for him to play onlive is a called a ethernet cable, they give you one in the 360 bundle, but i dont think it is really long, and if he is going to be playing it in his room then where is the wireless router from his room to the wireless router if it is close to his room then use the ethernet cable, if it is not then you will probably have to buy a long cable, but the wire gets in the way sometimes, if you dont care then go ahead and use the cable, I would buy the wireless xbox 360 adapter, but they are 100 bucks, a bit too much for me if you ask.

    Also when you are first going to sign onto xbox live, in all the consoles they give you 1 month free in them when you create your gamertag, which is any kind of name that you think fits your style, or something cool, after you do that it will say you are a silver account would you like to upgrade to another account and say yes and it will give you options and there might be one saying FREE MONTH XBOX LIVE, click on that one and you will have one month gold subscription, and be able to play online for 1 month,

    Another thing is you can get cards that have months on them for:

    1 month = 7.00

    3 months = 20.00

    12+1 months 49.99

    You can get these at almost any store like Walmart,Target,Best Buy, Gamestop.

    hope this helps

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    You need an Xbox Live Gold Membership and a wireless router. People say to buy the Microsoft one, but I have a cheap Linksys Gaming Router and I never have a problem playing online.

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    It comes with 30 days trial of Xbox Live, so you don't have to get him the subscription right away. Plus to go wireless, you need the Xbox wireless adapter or an wireless adapter you can plug the ethernet cable into.

    Get him a couple of game disks too and you'll be good to go.

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    5 years ago

    I'd go with the Wii. The controls help further develop motor skills and it's more interactive. Plus, since you're not sure, I'd go with the Wii because of price point; it was only $200 a year or so ago, and those consoles decrease in price over time. One more reason, I'm 23 and the Wii is very entertaining for me. The boxing game on Wii play is a workout. A friend has the new Metroid and you make all the motions that you would if you really were the game's hero. Even though there's no visor, the interactive movements make the Wii the cheapest virtual reality you can get and the technology is worth more than what Nintendo asks for it.

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    You're going to need to get the xbox 360 live card. My hubby had to sign up for a hotmail or msn account for the live card. I also think you're also going to need the wireless adapter to connect to the xbox. It's a small rectangular piece that you can buy at gamestop for around 100 dollars. My hubby used to have that, but now he just has a HUGE cable running from our box to the xbox... it looks ridiculous, but until we can get the router hooked up again, it will have to do.

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    Well to play the xbox wireless you will need a wireless adapter which will put you back £30 (thats what i head anyway) I suggest just linking the wireless adapter to the xbox ethenet style if the lead isnt long enough you could get a hub, generally cheap.

  • Ben
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    you will need the live card that is like 50 bucks and you will need the wireless adapter thing that is $ 99.99

    i also have a wireless router but i didnt want to pay 99 for a wireless thing so i just hooked it up to the router by using the internet cable that came up with the xbox

    you can also hook up your internet cable to your laptop

    and i think they ask you for an email account just for the hell of it

  • Cami F
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    XBOX Live card, they sell them right next to the Xbox's. They look like gift cards. They have different lengths of time you can buy. That's all you need and an internet connection. The sales associates will answer any questions you have, they're trained for all of that and play Xbox themselves, I'm sure.

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