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Can Americans fix the problems of an economic recession by developing a smoking habit?

If everybody smoked a pack of cigarettes a day, small shops and the tobacco industry would have boosted profits. The tax on the cigarettes could pay off that 700 billion dollar bailout.

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    You'd all also die a lot earlier, easing the long-term burden on social security. Since your healthcare is private, it's probably an economic lifesaver.

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    LOL! Political satire!

    Personally, I'd rather deal with the health problems of consuming chocolate cake with fudge frosting each day. And they could start taxing chocolate, I guess (-:.

    No, no, I'm wrong; your idea is better.

    Imagine: chocolate tax. What a travesty!

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    it is a strange idea but i guess yeah it could work i am no smoker but if you get everyone else to puff on a pack a day i might join in

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    that's a terrible idea!!vwhat happens when they all developed lung cancer and needed meidical treatment

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