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i am going for my first check up after breast cancer what can i expect?

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    ...There are five important things that could happen:-

    1)The cancer can be in complete remission,

    2)A few lymphnodes could still be palpable in the axillary area,

    3)Or the tumor could be in partial remission i.e. just a small part of the small tumor could be still active warranting further chemo or surgery,

    4)If there is no evidence of active tumor the physician/ surgeon could advise for breast reconstruction if it has been heavily scarred/decreased in appropriate size or unequal in the 2 sides.

    5)The doctor will advise for a few tests like mammography/Chest xray/USG of breast/CT scan prior to the above

    It all depends though on how your breast looks or feels in the clinical exam.

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