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what should I say to this girl?

There is this girl that likes me and I like her, but she always tries to not eat anything for weeks because people call her fat. I don' t think that she is fat. I really like this girl but I just can' t tell her that I like her and that she is not fat so she should eat at least some food.I feel bad for her because her family just don' t want to do anything to help her get though this issue. What should I tell her? I already told her to eat instead of not eat and putting herself somewhere is does not want to be. She just wants to look good and have people call her names. Help me say something that will tell her that I love her and I don't want anything to happen to her

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    let her know how much you care and that she is not fat but not in front of a lot of people cause you don't want to embaress her and tell her your feelings for her soon cause later it may be too late

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