I found out i was pregnant on 30/9 and went for an early dating scan which i paid for on 8/10?

this scan showed a clearly developed sack in my womb that measured 0.94cm by 0.55cm and no fetal pole or heartbeat. how many weeks pregnant could this possibly make me? Is it possible that i could have been 5-6weeks pregnant at this scan? I split with my husband and regretably slept with a new partner not long after. I am almost sure that i could have been pregnant before sleeping with the new partner and that the baby is more likely my husbands but would like to be more sure if thats at all possible.


No they didnt give me a date. my last lmp was 22/8 which left me with a lmp date of 6weeks but scans are more accurate, arent they?

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    1 decade ago
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    you could be anywhere between 4 and 6 weeks along. They didn't tell you how far along you were?

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