How do you bless a house?

Just moved into a new house, and only been here a few days...things started happening on the evening we moved. First of all someone knocked on front door but noone was there...second thing was my candels keep getting blown out...and theres no draft or anything that could blow them out...then last night there was foot steps on the stairs and the hallway light switched its self on. I sat up in the bedroom next to my cat...which watched something leave the bedroom...the cat ran after it into the hallway, then about 10 mins later i jumped back out my bed as i heard what seemed to sound like the tv getting hit...two load bangs!!

In the house when i first moved in i said to my partner what a lovely feeling there was, but last night was a bit different...i felt very scared!

Please if anyone could give some advise on how to either bless a house or who i could contact to help do a blessing...what i would need etc that would be fantastic.

Does anyone know from the knock on the front door if i could have let a ghost in???

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    Okay, firstly you bless a house by anointing it. Secondly you have the authority of Jesus name to bind whatever it is and loosen God's angels into that house. Remember the angels out number the demons 2 to 1. Just keep professing the name of Jesus. It has to leave

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    You are not responsible for letting the spirit into the house. Chances are, you've been watching too much "A Haunting" on TV, lol.

    If you're really concerned, You must know that it probably ISNT a demon. There would be much more nasty things going on. But one can never be certain. It's probably a mislead ghost. Place some crosses/crucifixes about especially on Portals (Doors, Main hallways/stairwells) and maybe burn some sage. Get fresh sage and dry it or get whole dried sage leaves and pack them into a tight bundle, then light one end and let it smolder as you wander about the house saying a prayer for the spirit. profess the love of God if you would or simply tell the spirit that it is dead and should return to the light.

    You could also place salt around the house. little plates or bowls of rock salt or kosher salt at your windows repel spirits in Japanese tradition.

    I recommend if you're really worried, to ask your local holy man to come and bless the house. if you've just moved in, it's also a great way to meet the local church and get acclimated to them :)

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    The answer depends on whether you have received Jesus as your Savior. If so, then you have the legal right to use His Name to order the spirits to leave. They will have to go, no choice in the matter. Even the least of the sons and daughters of God have been given the right to use His Name.But if you have not, you do not have His power and authority behind your words and you could be encouraging them to hurt you. Sorta like poking a bee hive with a stick.

    If you have the authority, simply order them in Jesus Name to leave and never come back - all of them. If there are any occultic symbols or items in the house get rid of them. This would include Oujia boards, Tarot cards, etc.

    If you do not have the right to use His Name, or if you feel afraid to, contact a local pastor who knows about blessing houses and evicting spirits. Let him/her do it for you. But you still would have to make sure to get rid of anything like the items mentioned above. There's a good book that is an easy read and backed up by scriptures. It contains a lot of personal accounts.

    "Unbroken Curses" by Rebecca Brown and Daniel Yoder

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    ask your pastor/priest to come in and bless your house. also get some Crucifixes or Crosses to hang on your walls in the rooms where everything's been happening

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    get a pastor to pray for your house, he will then annoint its walls with oil whish symbolizes the holy spirit, he will cast out all evil and ask God and his angels to take place in your home, trust me it works, we did it at our house

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    Email either one of these guys and they will do everything in their power to help you free of charge.

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    Exorcism (AHEM bunchashit AHEM)

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